I gotta be honest with you, lately my life is pretty boring. With the exception of a1-2 fun activities on the weekend I am deep in studying mode. I am also wrapping up in my job at work so there is a lot going on at work each day and if that is not stressful enough what I have been working towards since I was 18 is finally coming to a head. No pressure, right? ;) My schedule these days look like this: wake up, go to work, maybe go to the gym, come home, study, sleep, repeat. Lots of things are taking a backseat these days including my time at the gym, time with friends, self care and including this blog. So quick shotout to those of you who are reading and sticking with me through these shortened and intermittent posts. I have ever intention of returning to 3x per week and maybe more when this is all over.

That being said here are a five things about my week:

Need I say more? It is my life line, my life giving breath. without it I would be waaaay more cranky. I also heard this morning on the radio that Starbucks is out selling Subway for the first time in forever in fast food restaurant world, so #winning.

My poor Riggs had some surgery last week and was walking around a little stoned for a few days. But this week he is back in the saddle and being cuddlier than usual and influencing his sister Eva to do the same. When I am studying Eva tends to sit by my feet and keep me company. This is why they are wo-man's best friend.

The few opportunities I get to be with my friends have been a fantastic distraction. We also focus on fun and positive things and it is a great stress reliever. They are also supportive when I am freaking out and provide the confidence booster I need. Just hope they are right.

This week the weather cooled off a bit and I was happy about it. I am not ready for the 60s to be permanent but it was a nice break from the 90s and humidity we were getting. I could turn off my A/C and wear my flannel pajama pants to bed again. It is supposed to warm back up again, but it's got me pumped for Fall.

Speaking of, this amaze plaid shirt. Plaid always makes me think of Fall and each year I fall in love with it all over again. I was walking around my favorite Target a few weeks ago and found this gem. Plaid and Black/White? It was a no brainer! I also figured it would be a great transition piece from summer to fall. In the summer I can pair with these great J.Crew Factory shorts or even some rolled up jeans. In the Fall I would easily pair them with my favorite black jeans or a dark washed denim. It also seems like the kind of patterned that could be dressed up or dressed down. Another blogger I love paired her plaid top with a cool patterned skirt and I would love to copy that look. It is an incredibly versatile shirt, while also being feminine and comfortable. Go snag one while they are still there!

Shorts| J.Crew Factory/ similar
Shoes| Target / similar
Necklace| Primrose Park

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