Fashion Week + #H54F

Happy Friday! I am ready for this week to be over. It was a busy week, fun but busy. I have a fun weekend ahead too so I am looking forward to that. In the mean time let's wrap up this week shall we?

Monday was off to the races. I do a little bit of work at a local boutique and we started a little earlier than usual. It was a busy morning there and I had a doctor appointment for myself right after. I kind of figured they would bump up next to each other but I got done there early and had about two hours to kill. I ran over and got a magazine then hung out in the Starbucks for a little bit. I was pretty exhausted and little miss was too as evidenced by this photo.

Tuesday was an equally busy day. I had little miss' two month check up. All good! Except she got her shots, which she hated. It was really sad but she was a trooper and recovered pretty quickly. Right after I headed over to get my hair done. I needed a color refresh because my sister is getting married in a couple of weeks and I needed a cut. I cut it a little shorter then intended but am really happy with it. I needed to start over a bit it was just getting unruly. 

Wednesday night I went to a live fashion gallery called La Chou Chou with my friend as part of Fashion Week MN. It was in Northeast Minneapolis and they showcased six designers. Each designer showed four pieces and models stood there for probably 15-20 minutes. It was definitely interesting and a new way to look fashion. I am really glad we got to go to two events this year. We both agreed we learned a lot and look forward to getting to a few more events next year. 

Thursday I took Reese up to my school to show her off. I have not seen my co-workers since she was born and was excited to see them and have them meet Reese. They were very glad to see her and she gave them a few smiles, which was great. It also reminded that as glad as I am for this time off to get adjusted, I am so ready to go back to work.  My job is stressful and complicated, but at the end of the day I love what I do. 

Last Thursday I went to my first fashion week event. It was the kick off event and held at a fancy hotel lounge. I really needed to glam it up. Bodysuits have been making the rounds in the last year or so and I'll be honest I was nervous to try them out. The last time I wore a body suit was in the 5th grade and I was obsessed. I can still picture the textured, red bodysuit that I lived in that year. I was a fan. That was a long time ago though and I didn't know how I would feel as an adult. I really liked this flowy one from To bi because it does not look like a body suit. It looks more like you tucked it in. It was light weight and it didn't even feel like wearing a body suit. I am not sure many bodysuits would work on me as I have a long torso and these kinds of things tend to not fit me in the right places. This one worked well especially paired with these high waisted tie pants. I also have been dying for a pair of these but ya know, pregnancy got in the way of that. I paired this look with some nude heels and delicate jewelry. The neckline of the bodysuit is the star here and no need to compete. 

Bodysuit| c/o To bi
Pants| Express
Shoes| Vince Camuto (similar / similar)
Necklace| Target (similar / similar)
Bag| Kate Spade (similar / similar)

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April Showers Bring Ombre

The weather lately has been all over the place. One day it's 70 and sunny the next it's 40 and raining. Spring is always unpredictable but especially so in Minnesota it seems. This means your wardrobe has to be malleable to fit day to day. I actually bought this sweater awhile back from local favorite boutique Proper & Prim. It seemed like it would be a great sweater for the end of my pregnancy and right after, as I didn't know how I would look afterwards. I actually wore it a bunch of times at the end of my pregnancy. This sweater is really light weight and comfortable. Very breathable so it worked well when I was pregnant (because you run hot at the end) and post in these cooler temps. I love the ombre effect and especially this color green. I don't wear a lot of green but I really loved this darker shade. This color transitions well into Spring. Although, who am I to begrudge my favorite color: black. This was easily paired with my favorite Spanx faux leather leggings. Topped it off with some pointed toe booties and the pendant necklace from House of Harlow. Simple Spring ensemble. 

Top| Proper & Prim (similar / similar)
Leggings| Spanx (similar)
Shoes| Quipid (similar / similar)
Necklace| House of Harlow (similar / similar)

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Monday Round Up: Bars, Brides + Blues Dresses

Happy Monday! Can you believe April is almost over? I feel like it just started and we are now in the last week of the month. Busy weekends like this make it go faster for sure. It was a beautiful weather weekend and we definitely took advantage of it.

Friday my friend texted inviting us out to a few distilleries around town. I was a little hesitant because we would have to bring Reese and I did not want to be that mom, but my friend assured me it was fine. It was also happy hour time not 10:00 PM so we took her out. We tried two places Du Nord and Lawless. Both were interesting places, I only had one cocktail at each. Du Nord had a nice big patio (that was full) but it seems like a fun place to go when it gets warmer. Downside is that you wait in line to order and the line is long and service is slow, nice, but slow. Lawless was a bit different. More eclectic and served in antique glasses. They had a few more unique cocktails on the menu, which I found appealing. It was incredibly dark in there, even for a bar so getting a picture was hard. It was a fun evening and Reese did really good. I am glad we can take her places and she is relatively well behaved. 

Saturday we had a wedding to attend. First of the wedding season that is upon us. I originally thought I would wear a dress in my closet but uh, my waist and rib cage are still pretty wide. The other weekend we were shopping and  Express had a huge sale. I found this pretty blue dress that I thought would be perfect. It was a bodycon but kind of bandage material. Figured with that and some spanx I could pull it off. It was one of D's cousins so we drove up north with the little miss. It was a productive day that a lot of D's family got to meet Reese for the first time. Between the ceremony and the reception we drove up to his grandmother's so she could meet her too, which was great. It was a beautiful reception and ceremony. Unfortunately we did have to leave early to get the little lady home.

Sunday was a more relaxed day. D had to watch his sister's kids for a couple of hours so Reese and I were home alone. Thankfully she took a nice long nap so I was able to do some stuff. I cleaned my make up brushes, waaaay overdue, and played with some new make up. When D came home we did some grocery shopping and ended the night on the couch trying to get into Fargo the TV show.

This dog...

I was pretty proud of my wedding look. About two months post-partum and I have been working my tail off. This look is brought to you by Beachbody, Express and Spanx (ha). This dress was on major sale and thought it would be perfect for an April wedding. This time of year you never know what the weather will bring. This past Saturday actually was very nice, in the high 60s and sunny. Perfect day for a wedding. The openness in the front and sleeves were welcomed in this weather. I loved the bright blue color and felt like the combination of the color and cutouts were bold enough. So I paired with a nude heel and understated make up. I added a little Spring with my favorite earrings right now from BaubleBar and Target. It was super comfortable and I loved this! Now to find another occasion to wear it, ha!

Dress| Express (similar / similar)
Shoes| Chinese Laundry (similar / similar)
Purse Michael Kors (similar / similar)
Earrings| Target 

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April Stitch Fix + #H54F

Hey all! Happy Friday! I am super excited for the weekend for a few reasons: 1) the weather is finally supposed to be sunny 2) I have a wedding to go to and I love weddings 3) D is home and can help with Reese. It's the little things.

Overall I had a bit of a slow week. The weather was almost identical to last week. Monday was a beautiful, sunny day followed by multiple days of rain. Monday morning I was not feeling very well so unfortunately we did not get to take advantage of the nice weather. Tuesday and Wednesday I left the house only for an hour to run to Target. I feel like a shut in. Thursday was the most exciting day as I attended Fashion Week MN's kickoff event. I have wanted to do this for a while and I always miss it and/or can't get someone to go with me. This year my lovely friend agreed to go with me to a couple of events. On Thursday we headed out to the fabulous W Hotel at Foshay for the event. Definitely one of those "this is where all the beautiful people are" kind of places. Very modern furniture and decor. They had a DJ playing, models showing local designers pieces, small pop up shops and a step and repeat. It was definitely fun and I am glad we went, we were hoping for a little more fashion at the event. Oh well, it was a night out! Next week we are going to at least one more event for sure! Stay tuned. Here are a few pics from the night

My look for the night, stay tuned for details next week!


My beautiful friend who agrees to come with me places

Given that this was overall a slow week, this seemed like a good opportunity to to share my most recent fix for H54F. I was really specific with her this time about what I wanted. At the time I needed something to wear for Easter, that I was really into the blush and light color trends. This is what she delivered....

I think she got the message. I love how my stylist makes things match. The color coordinations makes my heart skip a beat ;) Here is how it went:


I asked for a pleated skirt but she could not find one. Instead she sent this. The floral  print was totally on point. I really loved the color choice. It's feminine without being uber girly. I think if this was a different fabric I would have liked it more. It was like a jersey knit and I would have preferred something more structured. More of a personal preference than anything else. The fabric and the way it laid on me I think made me look a little older. Just not my jam. It goes back.

Dress (similar / similar)


This was totally on point as well in terms of what I was looking for. The light wash is very in for Spring and a little distressed never hurt anyone. The frayed hem trend I am getting on board with. I think I prefer the subtle version like this as I imagine by this time next year it won't be in fashion at all. I think I would have really liked these if they fit. It's  my mistake I did not update the size. Technically, they fit but just barely. Still a little pregnancy weight. I am still trying to figure out if I will get all the way back to pre-pregnancy size so I would rather not spend a lot of money on a bigger pair of jeans at the moment. So, they go back. 
Jean (similar / similar)


Ok so there was so much that was great about this: blush, cargo jacket, cool inside. Downside? I already have a cargo jacket and just don't feel like I needed another one. If I didn't have one this probably would have been a win for me. Perfect for these cooler Spring temps we are having. Unfortunately, back it goes.

Jacket (similar / similar)


We have discussed how much I love chambray, yes? Well I do. I loved this but was not sure if I should keep it at first seeing that I already have several chambray tops. I liked the light wash of it, which is different than what I have. I do wear it not rolled up and buttoned, I tend to have too big of a bicep area and it just wears too tight. I ended up keeping this one because I sent all the other items and didn't want to lose my $20. In retrospect I am really glad I kept it. It's really adorable and just an easy throw on kind of top. 
Chambray (similar / similar)


Lastly was this split back top. This had a lot going against it as a split back which would mean I  would need to wear something underneath. It also hangs in a weird way on me that made me look wider than I am, who wants that? Finally it had this crochet type design on the back. Not my style. This was a pretty clear no and back it goes.

Split back top (similar / similar)

There you have it. Not my most successful box, but mostly for sizing issues and/or I already had similar pieces. I am excited for my next box, which will be more in the summer.

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