I have noticed since being on maternity leave that I have been playing around with my make up a little more. I mean, I have nowhere to go except my friendly neighborhood Target. I do frequent there a couple of times per week as I get pretty bored and make up reasons to go. The benefit of this is playing around with colors and techniques I would not normally have the time to try. Lately, I have been really into different lip colors. Spring trends seem to be varying from nude to deep mauves. I have tried a couple of these based on recommendations from bloggers and friends and here are my favorites!


Matte lips I understand are on their way out, much to my dismay. This is a  matte lip that is moisturizing and not as dry in its appearance as others might be. It gives more of an appearance of creaminess due to the three butter type ingredients. I must confess that Candice, She's Leaning In, turned me on to this lip. She bought a nude color and I went looking for it. I settled on Whisper instead (we have different skin tones). I really love the warm tone of this color. It will probably be my go-to nude this summer.

Tarte Lippie Lingerie in Whisper


Lingeries seems to be the favorite name here, eh? I was turned on to this by a fellow blogger. I honestly buy very few drugstore cosmetics these days. Even though they are cheaper I just don't find it is worth it all the time. However, there are a few gems in the mix.  I never would have thought to try these but I LOVE this color.  This is another creamy matte formula. A liquid lipstick that goes on creamy and dries without drying you out. These delicate, cool, purple is totally on point for me right now. I love pairing it with my blush colors. It adds more fun dimension I think than the typical nude or pink.  I also think it's a fun way to mix purple into my repertoire without being too aggressive, ha. This formula does come in about 20 colors if this does not suit your fancy, but give it a try!

NYX Lingerie in Embellishment


Seeing a theme here? Creamy mattes are the name of the game. I suspect because mattes are long lasting. Who wants a lipstick that wears off in 5 minutes? Not this gal. This I bought because my sister had it and it is the deep mauve I have been looking for. I never would have thought to look at Victoria's Secret, I have never ventured into their beauty selection. For a dark color it goes on well and stays pretty good too. It will come off on your cup or if you kiss someone, but the entire color does not rub off and you won't have to reapply each time. When they talk about mauve for Spring, this color is it. 

Victoria's  Secret Velvet Matte in Drama

What do you think? Have any other Spring favorites I should know about? Leave me a comment below!

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