Happy Good Friday everyone! That has two meanings: 1) That it is Good Friday and 2) That hopefully it is a good Friday. Fridays are usually inherently good though right? I actually had a fairly eventful week and I am still crushing on the blush trend and will show you the ways I have been wearing it.

Ok so Monday was an interesting day. It was a pretty busy day. That morning I had a doctor's appointment and had to run to this local boutique that I model for (Apricot Lane, check it out!) It was a little chaotic because leaving the house with Reese always takes forever. She did good at the doctor but got a little fussy at the boutique. I lost track of time a little bit so she was hungry and needed a diaper change. It took a little finagling but we figured it out :)

Tuesday was probably the best day this week. The weather was beautiful and Reese was the happiest girl. She was all smiles all morning. She has been smiling more but not like this. It was literally all morning. I was hesitant to do anything because I didn't want it to stop. Eventually I had to get moving but it was the best morning yet.

Oh also Monday night it snowed! A fair amount actually and the yard was completely covered. Although by Tuesday mid-morning it was  all gone. Such is April in Minnesota.

That afternoon we made our way out of the house to run a few errands. I sported my favorite athleisure look and we headed out. When D got home I convinced him to go on a walk with us to take advantage of the gorgeous day. The rest of the week was supposed to be cloudy and rainy so I really wanted to get out. We walked a bit around the block and came back. 

Oh when we were running errands I saw this epic sunblocker that had Castiel from Supernatural and I about died. 

Ok so maternity leave can get a little boring at times. In between tending to my child I find myself fidgeting with things like hair and make up. Honestly, this is not a ton of time because Reese is high maintenance, but when I can I try. I am ALWAYS trying to find a way for beachy waves. I read that if you put your hair in a braid and let it dry this would help. Well spoiler alert: it did not. I looked like a poodle. Any ideas how to accomplish this?

I debated doing an Easter post for a few outfits but I won't lie, that's a lot of work. What I will say is I love a blush trend, which is perfect for Easter. Lots of lovely pastels going around right now to take advantage of. I bought this shirt from Ily Couture last week. They always have great holiday tees. This was blush and had an adorable saying. Win-win! P.S. On Monday I will have my Easter outfit posted so stay tuned!

Ok so I am obsessed with blush right now.  I think going back to blonde has helped with my love affair.  I actually bought this sweater before I delivered in anticipation for newborn photos. I was not sure what my figure would look like and I thought this would be flattering regardless. Also, blush is a great color for those kinds of pictures with all the desaturated colors they use. I have come to love this sweater. It is so comfortable, I can't even with it. I love how oversized it is and pairs perfectly with my new favorite leggings. It basically feels like wearing your boyfriend/husband's sweatshirt out in public except it's socially appropriate ;) The price tag of $42 doesn't hurt either. Lulu's does not disappoint. It's nice and simple too all you need is a long necklace, leggings and sneakers and you are good to go! You could dress is up with a wedge and a little more bling but I prefer it casual. 

Sweater| Lulu's
Leggings| Spanx (20% off with EVENT17)
Shoes| JustFab (similar / similar)
Necklace| Target (similar / similar ) 
Purse Kate Spade (similar / similar)

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