Happy Monday! Hope you all had a good weekend and those of you who celebrate Easter had a great holiday. I, again, had a pretty busy weekend. I feel like I say this all the time but it is true every time I swear! I will keep it brief, but I definitely loved my Easter look so keep reading!

Friday was originally going to be a slow day. I ran a couple of errands so I got ready. Turns out, my hair was amazing that day. You know those days when your hair just does exactly what you want? That was that day and I had nowhere to go. As soon as I posted about this one friend messaged me and invited us over to watch the hockey game. It was good to get out of the house and I got to see my friend's new house. Win-win!

Saturday was go, go, go. Reese actually slept through the night for the first time ever and took a big nap so we did not get up until 10:00. D had been searching for this video game console and he located one at a target about 40 minutes away. We quickly ran out and grabbed some donuts on the way. I mention the donuts because well, I love them and it was one of the highlights of my day. When we got home we had to clean the house because we were having friends over. The house was a mess so it desperately needed it. That night we planned to have a fire and right as we were going to start it was literally monsoon rain. It stopped pretty quickly and we tried again, but it started to rain again so we gave up. We ended up having a game night instead.

Sunday was Easter. We met up with my family for brunch at a spot in St. Paul. It was crazy packed and I'll be honest I was disappointed with the service. Painfully slow. I did enjoy spending time with my family and Reese had on this dress I was obsessing over from Zara. I was probably more excited about her outfit than mine. After brunch I took Reese to hang out at my parents for a bit. We ended the night sitting on the couch eating the Peeps I bought for myself...

I love Peeps....

Ok so for Easter I bought this jumpsuit a few weeks ago from The LOFT. I love it so much. First, I love a jumpsuit. I have not found one I have not loved. This one is perfect for Spring because of the midi cut, ruffles and flower print. I love a floral print but I am not a pastel kind of person. This is a floral I can get on board with. I will say the straps were a little long so I had to alter in the back to make it look more like a cross back. This is mostly because I had to buy a little bigger size than normal as I am not fully back in shape yet. I love the flattering cut as the cinches right at the smallest part of my waist creating a delicate silhouette. For the cool Spring day I threw on my favorite long black cardigan and these block heels. A thick heel is still on trend and these are my absolute favorite. Top it off with a neutral bag and delicate jewelry and I was ready for brunch!

Jumpsuit| LOFT
Cardigan| Gap (similar / similar)
Shoes| Charming Charlie's (similar / similar)
Necklaces| Primp & Macy's (similar / similar)
Purse| Michael Kors (similar)

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