New season means not only new manicure but new pedicure. The weather is changing around here and toes will be out for all to see soon. This also means that the lack of care we have all been doing for months is going to show if we do not do something about it. I don't know about you but my feet get minimal TLC all winter long. I have a few events coming up I need to have them looking sparkly fresh!

A few months ago I got to try the Emjoi Micro Nail polisher and really loved it. I still use it to this day and my nails are gorgeous. So when I got an opportunity to try the Emjoi Micro Pedi I jumped at it. 

So spoiler alert, I liked this very much.  What I like about this, as with the nail polisher, is ease of use. It fits ergonomically in your hand everything from placing the batteries to switching out rollers is simple. This may sound heavy handed but I really hate when putting the thing together is more complicated than the item itself. There is also a difference between the two rollers they provided. The blue are their extra course rollers and the green is extreme course roller. I tried both to see what I preferred. Ok, so I wear a lot of high shoes. This means my heels do not look the greatest most days. I tried the blue but clearly it was not course enough for my heels. I switched to the green and it was much better.  Not only are my heels rough but the dryness needed to be cleaned up. You turn the machine on and gently roll it over your heel for 2-3 seconds. Not long and you do not press it on your heel. The speed that the roller moves is enough without pressure. After only a minute or so I had much softer heels. Is this as good as a spa pedicure? No, but not much is. However, if you cannot get to a spa but have an event coming up you need to have softer feet for I would highly recommend this product. 

*product was received as sample to test for review*

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