Happy Friday everybody! Another week into Spring and the weather just keeps getting nicer around here. This weekend the weather is supposed to be in the 70s and I cannot wait to take advantage of it. 

In the  meantime, let's review the week and little fashion at the end!

Monday was Minnesota Twins baseball opening day! So I love baseball, always have it. It does not matter that my precious Twins team has been terrible for six years I will still support them. One of the first outfits we received when we told people we were expecting was a little Twins outfit from my Grand Aunt. She knows how much I love them. So we (I) had to put her in it for opening day. We watched the game and I am proud to say TWINS WIN! First opening day win in 9 years. Thatta way Twinkies! Ready for baseball season!

Tuesday was a crazy busy day. I had a bunch of errands to run and thought it would be easiest to do it all in one day. Getting out of the house with miss takes for-ev-er, so if I can get it done in one fell swoop would be the best. I had to go to the Post Office, the bank, a boutique and Target. It was going to be a long day so I packed up the diaper bag and off we went. For 90% of the trip she did really well and I got all my errands done. On the way home she got hungry and I wound up having to feed her a bit in the parking lot. #momlife

That night I was invited to an essential oils party. One of my friends is a representative and is very passionate about the oils and what they have done for her and her family. I have heard great things about essential oils for years but this was the first time I got a full education. I am really glad I went and am contemplating some ways I can work these oils into my life. Specially for Reese to help calm her. I'm desperate. 

 I have not updated on the pups in a while. I try really hard not to ignore them. I always remember in the movie Lady and the Tramp how Lady is ignored and neglected with the baby came home. I never wanted that for my pups. I spend most mornings in bed with the three babies (two dogs and 1 baby). Problem is Riggs acts all day like he is ignored, which is patently false. He is such a little beggar, adorable, but a beggar. Eva is a little easier, problem with her is she wants to just kiss Reese all day and we can't have that. One day when Reese is big enough, they will play and it will be the cutest thing ever.

This season I have been seeing a lot of tie front blouses and couldn't wait to get on board. Obviously during pregnancy this was not possible and one of the many things I looked forward to post pregnancy.  I had a gift card I was holding on to from Gap and was ready to spend baby! I won't like, a lot of what is going on there was not interesting to me. Then I spotted this top. First, it has a chambray-esque material and I have learned I am a big fan of this. I currently own five chambray shirts. #ihaveaproblem. Whatever, I love it. Then the pattern are these delicate sewn on little squares with the ends left to fray. I just loved the texture, I am a big fan of adding texture to a look. I paired it with my favorite high waisted denim (p.s. I am back in my high waisted denim from pre-pregnancy. Can I just brag about that for a second without sounding like a jerk?)  Because of the pattern on the shirt and this being a casual look I paired with my favorite Madewell loafers and some delicate gold jewelry. 

Top: Gap
Pants| Express (similar / similar)
Shoes| Madewell (similar / similar)
Bag| A Tribe Alive (see post)
Necklace| Stitch Fix (similar / similar)
Bracelet| Rachel Zoe (same / similar)

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