Happy Monday party people! I had a fun and busy weekend, I hope you did too. Lots to share so let's get to it!

Friday after D got home from work he mentioned he got word from his brother about his son's hockey game that night. We really enjoy watching him play. He is old enough now that they play real games following all the actual rules. They start to have plays and get the function of the game. He is also old enough that winning and losing impact him. Unfortunately, they did not win this game and even though he was good and gracious by thanking us for coming you could tell he was upset. Next time big guy!

Afterward we decided to go out to eat dinner, we did not have time to eat before we left and were pretty hungry. We did have Reese with us and it was her first time in a restaurant. I was a bit nervous but this is all part of my plan to expose her to all environments so she can handle them all. I sat next to her and although I spent most of the dinner holding the pacifier in her mouth I am calling it a success.

Saturday was the first of two days of truly warm weather (in the 70s!). That day I had to head up north a bit for a bridal shower for D's cousin. I took Reese with me so the family could meet her. I think she got a little warm in the car as she was a bit fussy both there and back. I am used to having to bundle her up but on these warmer day she seems to get warm quick. Living and learning around here.

That night we went to celebrate my mom's and soon-to-be brother in-law's birthdays. We kept it low key with a party at my parents that included both my grandmothers and great aunt. We grilled out, gave gifts and chatted. It was the perfect Saturday night. We also snapped this great picture of my mom's mom, my mom, me and Reese. Four generations, all in one place.

Sunday was another warm day and although initially we wanted to explore some of the paths around our house, rain was in the forecast. Reese seems to be starting to focus on things so I broke open her little playmat to see if she would like it. It also came with this little cloud pillow that is perfect for tummy time. She was not crazy about it at first but eventually fell asleep like this and it was hilarious. 

That afternoon we decided to venture out to Mall of America. I was on the hunt for an Easter dress for Reese, and outfits for D and I for a wedding in two weeks.  I had been eyeing this dress at Zara for Reese and was hoping it would be in store. We started out trek there and I snagged the last one in her size!! I was so excited.  We also stumbled across the Carter's store that was having 50% off everything and I may have went a little nuts. We don't have a lot of summer stuff for her and they had the cutest stuff.  She is set!

I also checked out a few stores that aren't anywhere else close like Madewell and Fabletics. I had a Fabletics account at one time, but honestly I do not buy workout clothes enough to justify it. I did see these amazing pants that I now regret not buying. Oh well.....

Shopping look

Recent MOA renovations
That night we came home and just watched movies. Overall a fantastic weekend! No complaints!

Like I said, we got some incredibly warm days this weekend. Borderline summer weather in the 70s. It was time to unleash the shoulders!

Too much? ....Ok...

But for real, I knew I needed to dress a little light. I recently picked up this sleeveless top from Target's Who What Wear collection (p.s. so excited that the Victoria Beckham line with Target dropped yesterday too!) For some reason I cannot find this top online but they had a bunch in store. I love the vertical stripes, for obvious reasons, and sleeveless is perfect for this time of year and I can still wear it when I go back to work. I also love the change of the stripe on the side to add some fun dynamic. Plus it's black and white. I mean, c'mon this had my name all over it. It is a little short in torso I paired it with my high waisted jeans and my favorite marble pendant necklace. Metallics are also still very on trend this season so I pulled out my Qupid backless loafers. I get compliments everytime I wear these and love them so much. Perfect for a warm Spring day!

Top| Target (similar)
Jeans| Express (similar / similar
Shoes| Qupid (similar / similar
Necklace| Sisu (similar ) 
Purse| Banana Republic (similar / similar

How was your weekend? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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