Happy Monday! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are ready for this week. We are now almost halfway through February and I am officially 39 weeks pregnant. Almost done....almost. We are keeping this last weekends pretty wide open but still find some time to enjoy ourselves. I also got a little Valentine's Day look for ya so read on!

Friday we had some friends in town so we went to spend the night with them. They were staying with our friends in Shafter, which is about an hour north, so we drove up. We went to the local townie bar for some dinner and some pool. Sometimes these townie bars are the best. Good food, good drinks (for non-pregnant types) and fun games. It was really good to see them as it had been a few months and we aren't sure when we will see them next. Hopefully soon.

Saturday was a bit of a busier day. I had plans to get a pedicure with my other pregnant friend. We rolled our round bodies down to the Aveda Institute to get our toes done. I had never been there before so it was kind of fun. In order for their students to get some of the credit hours you can get services by them for a discount. They did a really good job and were very friendly students. They also had a deal for $5 for a finger nail polish change so we figured 'why not?' Done and done.  I was secretly hoping the foot massage would trigger some labor. My mom keeps insisting that "something with ankle" would do it. Alas, no dice. 

After we left and were driving home we passed by Glamdoll donuts new second location. I had been craving Glamdoll for a couple of weeks so this felt like kismet. Plus we were two pregnant ladies passing by a donut shop, c'mon. It also felt like the beginning of a joke "two pregnant ladies walk into a donut shop...." am I right?! Spoiler alert: they were delicious and if you are from here and have not seen their new location it is worth it. Much bigger than the original and they serve cocktails!

That night D went to a friend's birthday party. I did not want to go as it was a house party and it's frankly the last place I want to be this pregnant. I went over to my parent's instead to spend time with my sister, niece and parents. We mostly sat around and watched SNL. My life is exciting.

Sunday was the most relaxed day. I woke up to my one left over Glamdoll donut (worth holding off for btw). My pups love Sunday cuddles in the bed and I am powerless to resist. Although at some point I needed to go to the gym. As long as this baby has not come, I am going to keep trying to get to the gym. After the gym we went to grocery shop then home. Sunday night was a big premier night with The Walking Dead. We have been dying for it to come back so we were pretty excited.

That is my weekend in a nutshell. Hopefully this next weekend there will be a baby. I should note, once my little baby arrives I plan to take a bit of a break from the blog. I imagine I will need a couple of weeks as we all adjust around here. However, I will still be posting on instagram so follow along! I can't wait to see her and show her to you all!

Ok Valentine's Day. I have always had conflicted feelings about it. On the one hand it is clearly a commercialized holiday designed ot make money. On the other hand we don't always take that time to just be with each other and go to a romantic meal. D is not really into V-Day and some years I don't want to pick that battle. This is one of them. I could not imagine getting all dressed up in my state to go to a nice meal with a side of good ol' H2O. This year I will be keeping it casual with this lovely sweatshirt from Ily Couture. It's so comfy you guys. I love the subtle "je t'adore" embroidered on the front. It is just enough for the holiday without having 'love'" thrown all over the place. The only thing that would make this look more comfortable for me right now is a pair of sweatpants, but that does not comply with the work dress code. I paired it with favorite skinnies and these old moccassins from Vans, that I love so much. I linked up a couple of other Valentine-type sweatshirts to help you complete the look too!

Sweatshirt| Ily Couture (similar / similar)
Jeans| ASOS (maternity / non-maternity)
Shoes| Vans (similar)
Watch| Fossil
Bracelet| JustFab

What do you think? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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