Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day! I spent it struggling through and at-home yoga routine and watching the Minnesota Wild hockey game. I did get some pretty flowers from D but that is about as romantic as we get around here. We do not typically celebrate it and especially this year when I resemble more beached whale than person. Hanging out on the couch was fine by me.

Although just because we do not celebrate does not mean I will not take advantage of an opportunity for great make up. :) (P.S. I feel like Wednesdays have become beauty specific, just luck of the draw I guess). 

For a while I was really obsessed with Kylie Cosmetics products. I am currently in possession of nine lip kits I believe.....that is kind of embarrassing....but had not ventured into her other products. I had  been hearing some good things about her eye shadows but was not ready to commit to a $42 ticket price for a full fledged palette. When I saw she announced for limited edition shadow sets I was immediately on board. You got a two pack and some mini mattes so not a bad deal. I logged on and got my set!

My set arrived just before Valentine's Day. I suppose for people who actually do V-Day this was intended for them.  The shadows, Kiss Me, I got are a pinky-coral and shimmery coral. I have to be honest I did not like them as much in person as I did online. Online they looked a little darker as I do not like very light colors on me I am not entirely sure how to make these work. The colors are really pretty, just not sure I like them for me. I do think I may feel differently in the summer about them, they may be appropriate for warm weather time. The quality of the shadows are pretty good. I like the two pack I received, but not sure I would commit to a full palette based on this experience. 

The mini mattes were the most disappointing. I really love her mattes and she has a wide variety of colors these days. I knew these would be mini but I did not realize just how mini. They are maybe 1/3 the size of a real matte, very travel size. I did get two however. One is Dirty Peach and the other is Poppin'. Again I misjudged these. These colors are just not for me. I have seen Dirty Peach on Kylie and it looks great on her, it is just the wrong color for me. I did try to wear it this weekend and I regretted it all day. Maybe with a little sunkissed tan this will look better. 

Overall I was not incredibly satisfied with this purchase. I would say 50% of it was  my own fault on the color choice and 50% was the product representation. I still love the Kylie matte lips so I will definitely be sticking with those in the future.

Have you tried any other Kylie products? What do you think? I would love to hear from you!

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