Happy Friday er'body! I had kind of a short week, however the longer this pregnancy rolls on the longer the days feel. It was a bit of a busy week though so let's get to it!

Monday and Thursday I worked from home. Monday there was no school and Thursday I was out sick. The pups got super spoiled because I basically spent the whole day in bed. They have been extra needy for cuddles these days and they took full advantage. Especially on Thursday because I did not have my laptop on my lap. Look at these sad sacks:

I am 37 weeks pregnant, almost 38. This little miss does not appear to be in any sort of rush. No real progress in that area. Doesn't appear she will be making her debut anytime soon. I also feel enormous and every movement is hard. Who said pregnancy is glowing? Those people are wrong.

On a good note a lot got done around the house this week. The nursery is almost complete. We got some of the artwork this week and a shelf. We had to play around with some of it. D had to cut the shelf to make it smaller and we pray painted the brackets to make them gold, which matches the metal in the room. D also made and painted our hall closet doors. When we put the linen closet in the bathroom we changed our hall closet so we could put our vacuum, broom and swiffer in there. We needed new doors to make this work. I also painted our room on the wall that we closed off where the closet used to be. Lots got done. The goal is to get this completely finished before little miss' arrival and I think it's totally doable. 

Did you see my post on Wednesday? I got my first VoxBox in a long time and it was a great one. I got two sample size lipsticks and their corresponding lip pencils. The lip pencil is what they were really promoting. Head on over to see my full review!

This weekend is the Superbowl. We have started becoming the official host of the game. I generally only care about sports if my team is playing, but the Superbowl is an event. We have everyone over, make snacks and pretty much wait for the half time show. I will probably pick a team to root for just because it makes the whole thing more fun, but otherwise I don't care much. Stay tuned on my instagram @mymonochromaticlife for game day fun!

What are your weekend plans? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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