Happy Monday! Another week and countdown to baby continues. Yup, still pregnant. People keeping asking how I am and I respond one of two ways:

" Well, I'm here...."


"Still pregnant."

This usual gets a laugh or an awkward smile followed up by "yea, but are you excited?" I will answer this various ways depending on my mood. Today? It's "I'm excited to be done." 

This was a bit of the theme of the weekend. Friday after work we got a few things completed. D put up the closet doors in the hallway and the shelf in the nursery. Our bookends came in the mail for the shelf and we decided they were way too big. They were gorgeous but just too big.  We decided we would pick up the rest of what we needed on Saturday. We finished the night by watching TV and falling asleep early. #38weekpregnacyproblems

Saturday we got up relatively early. We hung some of the pictures in the nursery before heading to the gym. After the gym the plan was to run to a few home stores to look for some other bookends, one more frame and a clock. We also had to hit up Target and Home Depot. Well apparently book ends and a clock are the holy grail home goods. We tried avoid driving all the way back up to this store we were at last weekend, but after trying three other stores we just gave up and went there. We got 2 out of the 3 items we needed. Unfortunately by this point we wasted so much time we didn't go to Target or Home Depot. Later that night we met up with some friends for dinner their little five month old baby. They live about two hours away so we met them about half way. It has been a couple of months since we have seen them so it was good to catch up. Their little boy is the cutest thing ever and he was so good while we ate. Did not fuss once and was all smiles. So cute.

Sunday was Superbowl day. We have gotten into the habit of hosting each year. Amongst our friends we have kind of settled into hosting various holidays and the Superbowl is ours. We have been trying to keep the house cleaner in anticipation of our soon-to-be arrival. However, it still needed a quick once over before our guests arrived. As I was fixing something on our couch Riggs decided that was when he wanted cuddles. I started a series on my instastory called #riggsdemands and it's adorable.

Stay tuned I am sure there will be a series 2. 

Later that day most of my immediate family and two of our friends came over for the big game. We had a pretty good spread of food for nine people. Definitely ate my weight in chips and caramelized puff corn. We were mostly rooting for the Falcons who were kicking the Pats butt for 75% of the game, until they decided to stop playing allowing the Pats to win it all. Ugh! Even when I pick a random team to win we can't win. #minnesotasportsfan. We did have a good time though and at least it was an exciting game. Oh and Lady Gaga is a Queen. It was an epic half time show.

Running errands and being 38 weeks pregnant do not mix well. During the week I can still pull of my heeled ankle boots, however when serious walking needs to take place I have to resort to flats. That doesn't mean they can't be cute though. I really love this overall metallic trend, particularly on a shoe. When I saw these on JustFab.com I knew I had to have them. I love that it is just enough metallic for the trend, but they aren't so loud that you can't easily mix and match them with items. I have already gotten tons of compliments on them. They are also rose gold that I have a serious obsession with #cantstopwontstop. Both fashionable and functional? A pregnant girl's win-win.  

Shoes| JustFab (similar / similar

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