I have been obsessed with eye shadow palettes lately. Probably because this late in pregnancy getting dressed is not exactly fun, but makeup still works. There have been some really gorgeous colors coming out of the Tarte brand lately. I saw this limited edition palette, Maneater, and it went on my wishlist pretty quick. I was going to try to hold off for a while but on a recent Ulta trip to pick up a few odds and ends I got to see it in person. It was too gorgeous to pass up and it is mine. 

These colors are just so on the money for me right now. I was first attracted to "hypnotic." I am super into burgundy/pinks this moment. Basically every one I pass I buy. I have no self control. Then I really enjoyed the warm camel tone of "saucy." I have been wearing this palette in one form or another every day since I purchased it. These colors are really pigmented. I have two other Tarte palettes and this has the most pigment. A little goes a long way with these colors. This will be my go-to palette for Winter into  Spring. 

Spring is coming soon, right? Please lawd.

I thought I would show one way to wear it so here goes:

1. With a big brush sweep Meow on your brow bone
2. With a big brush sweep Passion all over your lid 
3. With a more concentrated brush sweep Saucy in your crease and in an upward angle from the corner of your eye so they meet at a point. 
3. With a angled brush mimic the angle you made with Saucy with Midnight down towards your lash line and into part of the crease.
4. With a concentrated brush sweep a thin line of Saucy on your lower lash line. 
5. With your finger dab Foxy over your lid delicately.
6. Blend and enjoy!

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