Monday Round Up: Jumpsuit. Period.

Happy Monday! Ready for another week? I am not sure I am but at least it is a short one. No work on Friday for the fourth of July for this girl. At least knowing it is a short week will help me get through it. I have to say I had a pretty decent weekend although it felt fast. I tried to relax as  much as I could because I have not gotten a lot of that lately so this round up will likely be short.

On Friday I did a whole lotta nothin'. After work I ran a bunch of errands in preparation for a friend's bachelorette party. I kind of hate running errands after work because all I want to do is go home, but I had little time so errands I ran! When I got home Derek was talking to an in-home security representative. We had wanted one for sometime anyway so we got on board. The tech came to install it around 10:00 PM. Now you  might say "that's crazy late!" and you, would be right it is crazy late. But I guess that's how it works. Now we have a security system and I am a happy gal.

Saturday somehow I still had errands to run. Le sigh. So I bought this jumpsuit to wear to the party but  I needed a few extra things. It was too short to wear the heels I planned so shoe shopping? Such a drag right? PSYCH! I managed to find basically the perfect shoes at DSW at the last minute. I also grabbed a delicate necklace from Charming Charlie's. See the picture below for more details. Saturday night was my friend's bachelorette party. We met up at one of her friends homes for drinks and a few fun games before heading out to Maynards. If you have never been there it is a huge mostly patio restaurant out on Lake Minnetonka in Excelsior. Lake Minnetonka is a huge lake in a affluent suburb of Minneapolis. It is basically a fun place where people park their boats and come up to eat and drink. I had never been there before but was looking forward to it. It was PACKED! Saturday was a gorgeous warm night and everyone wanted to take advantage of it. We managed to get a couple of tables and hung out all night until my husband and his friend picked us up. 

Sunday Derek and I wanted to hit up a cute donut shop for breakfast. We had been wanting to go for a while and finally had a free Sunday to do it. We drove down to Bogarts  in Uptown and then over to Dunn Bros for coffee. I have been hearing about Bogarts for a while and that they have new, unique flavors all the time. I was probably inappropriately excited for this. The only downside of this place is there is no place to sit :( So I grabbed my nutella filled donut and brown butter glazed donut and headed to Dunn Bros. Sunday was a beautiful morning and I rarely get to sit outside, stupid work. I ate the brown butter glaze donut in the sun and it was (get ready for my least favorite word) moist and sweet. You know how some donuts are too dry, or so moist that they crumble up in your hand? Not true of these. I could only eat one though because it was pretty sweet and and sugary, so I had save my other one. Thank you breakfast Monday! ;) The rest of Sunday I did what I wanted. I relaxed , took a nap and binge watched Parks and Rec. Perfect Sunday.

Onto the jumpsuit. I want to be clear at the outset, I am not a Kardashian fan. I happen to find them obnoxious and overrated. That being said the Kendall + Kylie collection for TopShop is pretty amazing. I have been coveting this jumpsuit for weeks but was unsure if I wanted to spend the money. When I thought of the bachelorette party I thought "what better place?" The hard part is apparently everyone else thought so too. It has been sold out in most of the sizes since I first discovered it. By some miracle, last week I found one in my size. It needed a few adjustments to fit right but I have a pretty amazing mother to help with that. I was intending to wear some heels in my closet but when I got the jumpsuit I realized the pants were too short. On Saturday I managed to find these awesome Bandolino shoes, who although are a kitten heel, are adorable. I paired it with this great delicate necklace from Charming Charlie's. They have a whole section now with layering necklaces so check it out. But I love this whole outfit, I need another excuse to wear this jumpsuit. Thoughts? 

Jumpsuit| Nordstrom  Sold out. similar / similar 
Shoes| Bandolino 
Necklace| Charming Charlie's
Watch| Marc Jacobs

Casual chic + Link Up (H54F et al)

Happy Friday everyone! I cannot tell you how relieved I am it is Friday and the weekend is  a few short hours away. It has been totally nutso crazyface at work this week, hence my lack of posts. I apologize for that. I barely had time to complete my work and errands let alone put together a post. I could have done a small post but I would rather not post at all then upload a shotty one. So let's start with the H54F model of five things from this week. Here goes:

1. Maybelline Blush Palette.
On Monday I was not feeling so well but I forced myself into work for a half day. My reward to myself was finally tracking down the elusive Maybelline Blush eyeshadow palette. It has been impossible to find and but I managed to snag one at my friendly neighborhood Target. I have used it so far this week and have been pretty happy with. It is nice to have some soft colors for summer as sometimes the browns in my nude palette are too harsh. Now I posted about this benignly on my instagram page and have been shocked by the response. As I write this it currently has 969 likes and 14 comments. I do not say this to brag, but more out of shock. The most I have ever gotten before was maybe 60 likes. It blows my mind! Definitely one of the best things to happen this week.

2. Night Market
On Tuesday Derek and I got together with some friends to check out the new Minneapolis Night Market. It was advertised as artisans, musicians and beer. Sounded good to us! We got there a little late because we had dinner first and there was a freakish line to get in. We had one beer and look at the few shops. It was ok, mostly glad to enjoy Minneapolis on a beautiful night and see some friends. It was free so there's that. It happens every third Tuesday all summer long so if you are local check it out. Below are a few pictures I snapped.

A balloon artist made the best balloon creature I have ever seen

3. Top Shop

So when is this store coming to Minnesota, yes? Let's take a vote. Le sigh. When I live in Chicago they opened one and I fell in love with it. Recently I bought this epic piece from there online to wear to a bachelorette party this weekend. I have to make a few alternations to it, or I should say my mother will, but I will post about it on Monday should it all work out. I know I have not posted an outfit in a while but this should be worth the wait. Get excited.

4. Werk

As I previously said work has been a clustermess lately. I have worked late several nights this week and taken a work computer home. I am so exhausted, hence my excitement for the weekend. On Wednesday I had work sprawled out all over my kitchen as I tried to sort somethings out. The good news is I completed the last hours I needed for my next level licensure. Now the studying for the big test comes. But I am excited to start the next phase of my career.

5. Casual Chic

Due to the high level of stress in my life lately, the casual items in my closet have been my saving grace. So I decided to put a few things together for some of my fav pieces. I tried to mix between casual at home wear all the way to out at night more casual look. I personally own a few of these pieces and can vouch for their comfort. I avoided shorts because I do not find them comfortable. I have been tending towards the sweatpant look these days as I when I get stressed I get tense and soft materials are the best for me. Enjoy!

Casual chic

Casual chic by mcainmoss featuring white denim jeans

Left                                                      Center                                             Right
Top| J.Crew Factory                             Top| Banana Republic                      Top| J. Crew Factory
Pants| J Crew Factory                           Jeans| Gap                                       Pant| Gap
Earrings| Bauble Bar                             Shoes| Gap                                      Shoes| Gap
                                                            Necklace| Bauble Bar                       Necklace| J.Crew Factory

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Monday Round Up: Round the Cities + Sunnies

This weekend I found myself kind of all over the place. Typically because I live close to Minneapolis that is where I spend most of my time. I have a deep love of St. Paul, because that is where I was born , and I try to get there as often as possible. This week had me  basically driving all over the place and I got to see a few cool neighborhoods I never get to visit. (Psst.. stay tuned for  my favorite sunglasses below) Friday after work I drove over to a store in St. Paul called St. Patrick's Guild. See my niece was getting baptized on Sunday and I needed a gift. My week had been crazyface and I did not have time to stop during the week so I had to travel to St. Paul from a West Minneapolis Suburb, on a Friday afternoon, in traffic between the cities. You see, if you are not from here what you don't know is that traveling between the two cities in rush hour traffic is the worst experience known to man. Being nicknamed the Twin Cities makes it seem like it's a hop, skip and a jump away. Which it would be, if there were not any traffic. So once I finally got to St Paul I wound up taking back roads as much as I could back home. I drove around some of the local colleges including St. Thomas and St. Catherine's both of which are areas I have never been around. They were quaint, quiet, wooded neighborhoods that looked like they had some history. So not surprising when I happened upon this sign:

It is a dirty grungy sign, on an uncharacteristically dirty corner in these neighborhoods. It gives the mileage between this spot and downtown St Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth, New York and a couple other cities I struggled to read. It was such a unique item to happen upon and it reminded me what I love about the cities and maybe what I wanted to write about today.  

Saturday I went with  my family to a Twins game. We specifically picked this game because they played the Chicago Cubs, we have family in Chicago so they are close to us as well. We also rarely get to play them because they are National League and we are America League so we had to go right? We brought my niece and it was her very first Twins game. She was basically the cutest Twins fan there. She actually did well, despite all the noise and insane heat she napped. That girl can sleep anywhere. Unfortunately we lost but I did get to see our newbie Byron Buxton play which was fun. He didn't do well but it was fun nonetheless and we got a bit of sun. 

Byron Buxton

Target Field is gorgeous

After the game Derek and I headed over the Golden Valley to have dinner at New Bohemia. I ate here for the first time on New Year's Day. They serve German style sausage and food as well as a great and rotating beer selection. You sit community style, which typically is not a problem because there is plenty of space. The decor is pretty industrial  but open so even if you are inside these garage doors open up letting in the summer air. Derek and I split a large order of fries and both had a sausage. We sat outside enjoyed our food and drink. It was just what the doctor ordered. Saturday night the intention was to hang out with my cousin and his wife at their bonfire, but we were both pretty beat after being in the humidity and heat all day. Plus, we're old so we needed some rest. We went home and rented a couple of movies. I got through the first one before getting a massive  migraine and passed out during the second movie. Not my most rockin' Saturday night.

Beer me

Sunday was the day of my niece's baptism. We headed into Minneapolis to the Basilica for this sacrament. I have not been there in a long time but thankfully it is close to me so getting there was quick for a procrastinator like me. Plus I was a little worried about the Rock the Garden traffic. Each summer the local public radio music station, The Current, puts on rock festival in the sculpture garden of the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis. Tickets are impossible to get and therefore I always want them but cannot get them. One day. So I had to be tortured with this on my way to the baptism, good thing I was going to a church so I could simmer down.

My niece's baptism was a full service so I got to enjoy spending some time at the Basilica. It is so gorgeous. The stain glass windows and architecture are beautiful. Even if you are not a Catholic the structure is worth seeing. Behind the alter there are some statues that you can only see if you stick around after the service to walk by and see. I do not typically take pictures of churches but I was compelled to because it is just too gorgeous. Enjoy!

So after a hot and sunny weekend I found that my sunglasses were literally with me every second. Also, because I am migraine prone sunglasses help to avoid them. I love to mix and match sunglasses based on my mood and season. I am definitely favoring aviators this summer but that could easily change in a few months. Because I change so regularly I do not like to spend a lot of money on them so enter Target. I picked 5 of my favorite trends and styles of sunglasses this summer, all from Target and all for under $25. Can't beat that right? 


one / two / three / four / five 

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All in the Fringe

Welcome to my maybe behind the times but definitely necessary for me Friday post! Again I am linking up with some fantastic ladies (see below) as I love sharing my Fridays with them. I do not have a full High Five for Friday post as this week was kind of busy. It has been a crazy week, and not the fun kind that is great to share. Work has been totally busy, a few personal life stuff and just overall tiredness. Seems as the older I get the more complicated and busy things become. Due to this I have not had the time in the last few weeks to dedicate to the blog in the way that I want to. I am going to do my best to provide more thorough and interesting posts from now on. Also because this was crazy with a capital 'C' there is nothing super interesting to post about my week so I'll skip to the fun stuff.

I know I am a bit late to the party on this fringe thing, but  I am still obsessed with it and per usual I cannot commit. I have seen a few bags and almost got to the register but I could not pull the trigger. Overall I prefer a fringe bag to be black and not brown. I think brown tends to go to cowboy, when what I really want to portray is Coachella rocker. I made an exception for a more tan, brandy color and beaded bag you see below. I picked some for a variety of prices to cover all the bases and keep it wallet friendly. I also generally prefer a more structured shape and I LOVE cross body so I picked some of my favorites. What do you think of the fringe trend? Love it or over it? Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think!


Smokin'!! It's the Mask a Dr. Jart Review

Does anyone get my The Mask reference? Jim Carrey? 1994? Anyone? I hope I am not alone in this. Well I am referencing this because this weekend I tried a new face mask. Not the kind that turns me green, makes me a good dancer and a cartoon, but hopefully the kind that makes my skin clean and smooth. 

I should back up. For a few years I subscribed to Birchbox. If you don't know what I am talking about, I don't know where you have been living. After some time I grew tired of basically seeing the same boring products month after month so I discontinued the box. However I did keep my account because my favorite dry shampoo (featured in my beauty products video) I could get from there and earn points toward discounts on future purchases. Last month I put in a purchase for the dry shampoo and some texture spray and got into one of those classic conundrums. If I spent just $5 more dollars I could get free shipping. I feel victim to this and looked for the cheapest products they had. Up came the Dr. Jart Pore Minimalist Mask. I figured what the heck for $7.50 I'll give it a whirl. I knew nothing of  this product prior to using it so I did not have high expectations but was hopeful. I guess I did not read the instructions closely because I did not realize the mask would be black. It's says charcoal mask on it I don't know what I was thinking. I put the mask on and I went to take a picture for the blog and I thought "I look like the man in the iron mask." I was going to post on instagram but did not want to scare away people. So I will post them here instead.

Freaked out yet?

The Dr. Jart website describes this mask as "A black sheet mask featuring activated Korean charcoal, spearmint extract, and arginine for superior detoxification and pore-tightening benefits." The Instructions were to wear this mask for 15-20 minutes and remove. It said not to wash afterward and leave the serum on your face. So I think we can all agree this mask is terrifying, yes? It also does not stay on amazing. It was a little big for my face so it kept falling off my chin and did not fit tight to my nose, so i had to stay in the bathroom and press it down every so often. What was nice about it was that because it was a cloth mask and not a gel or lotion mask it applied easily and removed just as easily. Previous face masks I used I spent long chunks of time scrapping it off my face, which probably did more harm than good to my skin. When I removed this mask my face did feel incredible soft although I am not convinced I noticed smaller pores. How soft it made my face alone was worth the $7.50. I have been told since that the Dr. Jart products are supposed to be good. I would give this product a 6 out of 10 because it definitely softened and moisturized my face, but did not notice the pore minimization. 

Finished product, #nofilter Wanted you all to see the final prodcut

Do you have a favorite face mask? Have you ever used Dr. Jart? Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think!

Monday Round Up: Music + Fairing

Happy Monday! I have to say this Monday I feel particularly tired. I had an action packed weekend, which was super fun but also tiring. Derek was out of town on a fishing trip for five days so I try to keep myself  busy when he is gone. I already had plans on Friday but quickly made sure to fill up my weekend. Stayed tuned through my weekend pics to get a little OOTD at the end. I really loved my outfit on Friday, you're gonna love it. Trust me ;)

Friday night I went out to the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis to see one of my favorite bands, The New Standards, play a show. For those of you not from Minneapolis the Dakota Jazz club is an awesome jazz night club, although they have been exploring other forms of music to play, on Nicollet. It is a classy, cool place I have been too a handful of times. They always have music and sometimes even two bands a night which includes a late night show for a lesser cost. The New Standards are a local trio formed by John Munson, Chan Poling and Steve Roehm. They were all at one point in recognizable rock bands including Semisonic (remember Closing Time?) As The New Standards they take rock and pop songs and reformat them into jazz songs. They do songs that vary widely from The Replacements to Britney Spears. They are fantastic and I have seen them perform several times. Dakota is a great location because it is small and intimate and their style of music is perfectly suited for this. I went with my parents as my dad is the one who introduced me to this band. As predicted they were fabulous and we had a great time. Before we saw them we stopped at a new restaurant nearby called Ling and Louie's. As you might guess it was kind of an Asian fusion restaurant and opened up not long ago. It was a nice night so we got to sit out on the patio. I had some of their stirfry and was very satisfied. Definitely check it out!

The New Standards

Dakota Jazz Club

On Saturday I accidentally slept in, ran to the gym to make sure I got back in time babysit my niece. I love her dearly, but she was not in a good mood. By the time they came to pick her up I was ready for a night on the town. I met up with two of my girlfriends and we went to the Surly Brewery. Neither of them had been before so I was excited to take them there. It's a huge place and gorgeous! Not to mention for a brewpub their food is unique and satisfying. It was another gorgeous night and so we sat outside, which was really cool as it sits next to some mills and they use that backdrop to their advantage. We split three appetizers a Chaat, Pea toast and a pretzel. Of the three the pea toast was my favorite. I can't even describe it to you but it's awesome and you need to try it. Afterwards we went to check out the Northern Spark festival. It is an overnight festival that consists of art installations, food and seeing parts of the city in a different way. We stuck near the Mill City district. It was packed!! The lines for the different experiences were pretty long and we were tired so we did not feel like waiting in line. Plus my friend mentioned this awesome ice cream place that was supposed to be there so we hunted for that. The Mill City Museum was partially open as a part of this and we wandered through there a bit. It was really cool looking and I'll definitely go back during business hours. 

Part of the Art, this bed was suspended

The backdrop of Surly

Surly Tap Room

35W Bridge Collapse memorial

People laid on the block (bottom left) and their images were projected onto the Mill

Mill Courtyard

On Sunday we decided to celebrate Father's Day early. Next week we are going to be with my family for other reasons so my dad suggested we do it a different day. He wanted to go to lunch somewhere outside and my sister suggested the new restaurant Como Dockside. It recently opened up a few weeks ago in the Como Pavilion in St. Paul. I was really excited to go and see how they renovated it, plus I have not been to Como Park in a long time. At first I was happy you order at the bar and they bring your food Culver's style. The food looked really interesting and unique and the surrounding was calm and beautiful. Unfortunately, it took an hour to get our food. We complained several times and was told our food was "five minutes" from completion. I think realistically our order got lost. Finally my sister talked to a manager and we got our food toute suite! He also gave each of us $20 gift certificates to come back. The food was really good, once we got it, and the place was really neat. I'll give it a try again and hopefully the service matches the food. Afterwards we decided to hit up the Como Zoo. They have done significant renovations in the last 10 years and myself and my dad had not been there in some time. The Polar Bears and a Gorillas got new exhibits which are far superior to what they once were. It was kind of fun walking around the zoo with our dad. We used to go there all the time as kids and it almost felt like a throwback kind of day, which was cool.

Now onto the fashion! I told you I loved my outfit on Friday and here it is. I bought this skirt from Primrose Park, a local boutique, a few months ago and forgot I had it. I really love it but there are few places to wear it, but I figured I could get away with it at the jazz club. I paired it with this super comfy mixed media tank from Banana Republic. I topped it off with the layering necklace from Target (psst.. they a new small line of layering jewelry you need to check out) and these amazeballs Chinese Laundry shoes. So the shoes....oh these beautiful shoes. I have stalked them for months and waited for a sale which I swiped over Memorial Day and could not wait to wear them any longer. Aren't they fantastic? I love them so  much. I have great plans for these shoes.

Necklaces| Primp & Target