Happy Friday everyone! I cannot tell you how relieved I am it is Friday and the weekend is  a few short hours away. It has been totally nutso crazyface at work this week, hence my lack of posts. I apologize for that. I barely had time to complete my work and errands let alone put together a post. I could have done a small post but I would rather not post at all then upload a shotty one. So let's start with the H54F model of five things from this week. Here goes:

1. Maybelline Blush Palette.
On Monday I was not feeling so well but I forced myself into work for a half day. My reward to myself was finally tracking down the elusive Maybelline Blush eyeshadow palette. It has been impossible to find and but I managed to snag one at my friendly neighborhood Target. I have used it so far this week and have been pretty happy with. It is nice to have some soft colors for summer as sometimes the browns in my nude palette are too harsh. Now I posted about this benignly on my instagram page and have been shocked by the response. As I write this it currently has 969 likes and 14 comments. I do not say this to brag, but more out of shock. The most I have ever gotten before was maybe 60 likes. It blows my mind! Definitely one of the best things to happen this week.

2. Night Market
On Tuesday Derek and I got together with some friends to check out the new Minneapolis Night Market. It was advertised as artisans, musicians and beer. Sounded good to us! We got there a little late because we had dinner first and there was a freakish line to get in. We had one beer and look at the few shops. It was ok, mostly glad to enjoy Minneapolis on a beautiful night and see some friends. It was free so there's that. It happens every third Tuesday all summer long so if you are local check it out. Below are a few pictures I snapped.

A balloon artist made the best balloon creature I have ever seen

3. Top Shop

So when is this store coming to Minnesota, yes? Let's take a vote. Le sigh. When I live in Chicago they opened one and I fell in love with it. Recently I bought this epic piece from there online to wear to a bachelorette party this weekend. I have to make a few alternations to it, or I should say my mother will, but I will post about it on Monday should it all work out. I know I have not posted an outfit in a while but this should be worth the wait. Get excited.

4. Werk

As I previously said work has been a clustermess lately. I have worked late several nights this week and taken a work computer home. I am so exhausted, hence my excitement for the weekend. On Wednesday I had work sprawled out all over my kitchen as I tried to sort somethings out. The good news is I completed the last hours I needed for my next level licensure. Now the studying for the big test comes. But I am excited to start the next phase of my career.

5. Casual Chic

Due to the high level of stress in my life lately, the casual items in my closet have been my saving grace. So I decided to put a few things together for some of my fav pieces. I tried to mix between casual at home wear all the way to out at night more casual look. I personally own a few of these pieces and can vouch for their comfort. I avoided shorts because I do not find them comfortable. I have been tending towards the sweatpant look these days as I when I get stressed I get tense and soft materials are the best for me. Enjoy!

Casual chic

Casual chic by mcainmoss featuring white denim jeans

Left                                                      Center                                             Right
Top| J.Crew Factory                             Top| Banana Republic                      Top| J. Crew Factory
Pants| J Crew Factory                           Jeans| Gap                                       Pant| Gap
Earrings| Bauble Bar                             Shoes| Gap                                      Shoes| Gap
                                                            Necklace| Bauble Bar                       Necklace| J.Crew Factory

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