Cool Off The Shoulder + #H54F

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all had a great week. It was pretty quiet around here this week so not a ton to report. It will be a pretty quick H54F  but ending with some fashion! Also linking up with four lovely ladies so be sure to check them out!

On Tuesday I went to a concert with my dad at The Varsity Theater in Minneapolis. I have been there once before to see a different band but this was a difference experience. We paid a few extra dollars to be on the mezzanine level where there were a few tables and would not have to stand our ground for hours on the main floor. Totally. Worth it. The upstairs had its own bar, the most interesting bathroom, couches and tables. It wrapped all around until you are basically on the side of the stage which is where we were all night. We saw Temper Trap. They are this indie/alternative rock band out of Australia with their lead singer being from Indonesia. I had listened to them a bit and thought it would be fun but I was pleasantly surprised at how great they were live. I LOVED them, If you get a chance to see them it is a great show. 

So this isn't really a positive, but it is what happened during my week. I had a couple of days in the middle of the week where I did not feel well. Not sick enough to stay home, but enough that it made work difficult. It is just such a nuisance, I just hate being this kind of sick. It is like when it drizzles outside, not heavy enough to use an umbrella but enough you still get uncomfortably wet. Pick a lane! Am I the only one who feels this way? 

With the remake of The Magnificent Seven in theaters now I really wanted to watch the original. I never saw the original but always meant to. I looked on Netflix and Amazon to see if they had it but no such luck. I asked my parents and voila! They had it on blu ray. Perfection. D and I finally found time to watch it this week. Although it is strange to watch an older movie in terms of cinematography, but it was very good. I am excited to see the new one and hopeful it is good.

Ok so obligatory puppy photo. Our dogs are just ridiculous some times. They love to cuddle and cuddle usually  means 'sit on top of.' Riggs in particular is like this. Eva will sit where there is space, Riggs will make a space. Love them. 

So the temps around here have been dropping. However, I am not ready to totally give up on my regular shirts. The other week I went out for a friend's birthday and I needed to dress up a bit. I had some sailor jeans I was hoping to wear with this top but they did not come in the mail in time. Thanks USPS!! ::shakes fist:: Oh well so I wore my high waist skinnies which worked out well anyway because this top is a bit cropped. I love that this top is floral without being springtime. The tone of the navy and cool colors of the flowers are perfect for Fall nights. Also, it is still early enough in the  year to get away with an off the shoulder top. I love the off the shoulder and ties on the arms. It is very delicate and romantic, perfect for an evening out. Top it off with some cute open toed booties and delicate jewelry and I was ready to go.
Like my pup photobomb?

Jeans| Express
Shoes| Eli Tahari (similar / similar)
Necklace| Target

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Favorite Fall Lip Colors

It is full blown Fall around here. Not only am I bringing out the sweaters and booties but it is time to switch up the Fall make up. Summer is all about soft glows, nude lips and sun kissed skin. Fall, for me, is about bringing in those beautiful, deep tones to reflect and compliment the reds, oranges and yellows of the changing leaves. I am also changing my hair so there are colors that I can wear now I couldn't before so I am excited to share my two go-to lip colors for Fall.

First is Colourpop's Stingraye. Unfortunately this was a temporary color so you cannot get it anymore, however Colourpop has other similar colors linked below. What I love about this, well I love many things, but the rich mauve color. I am not much  of a pink fan in general so it requires a more deep, rich pink to get me on board. Of all the pinks the mauve is probably my favorite. It translates well with  my neutral brown, pinks and even my PB&J palette. The color is truly a chameleon as it changes appearance with different eyeshadow shades. The other thing I love: it's long lasting. If you are a regular reader of  my blog you know this is a sticking point for me. I don't care how pretty the color is, if I have to reapply constantly I won't buy it. I can wear this all day and reapply once. It's glorious

similar / similar

With the change of the leaves I like to move from a neutral brown to a deep brown. When I had more red hair I was unsure if I could pull it off. Now that I am transitioning to a brighter blonde I think I can incorporate more browns in my palette. This brown is so rich and pigmented I am already in love of it. This will be better paired with neutral or bronze eye. The color is so deep you don't want to overwhelm your face with too much color. Just like with a red lip. This is another long lasting color. I put a swatch on my hand after I got home from the gym to see the color. Then I took a shower. It barely smudged. I'm not kidding. This you won't have to reapply ever. As a matter of fact it might be the last color you ever wear, cause it might not come off. ;)

Eye of Ra

What do you think? Which is your favorite? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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Monday Round Up: Black on Black + Nights Out

Welcome to another Monday! I am growing increasingly not ready for Mondays. My weekends are fun but very busy. I hate to say I wish away the fun events because on boring weekends I am begging for things to do, ha! I supposed the grass is always greener, eh?

Friday I supposed was the slowest day. After work I hit up the gym quickly, then D and I ran some errands for another home project (I promise at some point I will share all of it) and then back home. We knew we would be busy the next two days so we decided to stay in for a move night. The Revenant was on HBO and we have been dying to see it. We popped that in and I fell asleep before it ended. Le sigh. I am so old.

Saturday was a busy day. The night before some out of town friends said they were coming in the next day. We had to clean the house up a bit before they got here AND were starting some renovation. I did a quick at home work out then did some cleaning around the house. That night we had another friend's birthday to attend at The Libertine . She rented out their black box room and had appetizers and some signature cocktails. I have been to this place before but never in their rented space. I loved it! As always, great cocktails and service such a fun night. After we met with our friends from out of town who were having dinner with another friend. We hung out for  a bit, but they were pretty tired having just flown in that day. We brought them back to our place to crash.

Sunday we made some breakfast for our friends before heading over to my parents.  We were celebrating both D and my sister's birthdays with a little backyard BBQ. Both my grandmother's, great aunt and aunt joined us as well. It was a great afternoon with my family just hanging out and talking. We also watched our Minnesota Vikings kick the crap out of the Carolina Panthers. SKOL VIKES, we are officially 3-0!! I could not believe we won. Still in a bit of shock. After the BBQ our out of town friends were meeting some of our other friends for dinner. We were pretty stuffed but want to spend as much time with our friends as we can. We ate some chips and enjoyed our time.

A busy weekend, but good. I shouldn't complain, right? Right.

This weekend is bringing in the Fall temps for real. A little rainy, cloudy and chilly. Essential Fall. I got this dress from my most recent Stitch Fix and I really love it. It is so comfortable I basically want to live in it. A stretchy, cotton knit with a little rouching on the side for flattery. I paired it with my Leith leather vest I got during the Nordstrom anniversary sale. This vest is so versatile I have so many items in my closet I can wear this with. Now it is officially Fall I can't wait to work this more into my wardrobe. I topped it off with a big statement necklace and these killer mule booties. I love a black on black on black look. I will never get tired of it and Fall is a great time for it.

Dress| Tart (similar / similar)
Vest| Leith (similar / similar)
Shoes| Proper & Prim (same)
Necklace| Kittsona (similar / similar)

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Rachel Zoe Box of Style: Fall Review + #H54F

Welcome to the most glorious day of the week: Friday. I love Friday, so much. It's the best because you have everything to look forward to. I have a few plans this weekend but nothing crazy so hoping to get a few things accomplished. Enough of that though. Ready for some H54F goodness.

Overall it was a pretty slow week. Nothing super fun or interesting so I thought it would be best to share my recent Rachel Zoe Box of Style. I tried this twice last year both with some great success and some with some items that were not so interesting. A few weeks ago I got an email to get $10 off a box so I thought I would try it again. Either way it is $300 worth of items for $100, chosen for you by one of the best stylists in Hollywood. Not too shabby. I got mine the other week and am ready to share.

The box is amazing. I think I will honestly keep it. It folds open  and says "Hello Gorgeous." Flattery will get you everywhere Rachel Zoe.

The hero item here was this big cape. It is a little Cruella De Vil but the more I play with it the more I like it. At firs I was no super sold. However, this is pretty versatile. You can wear it just as is, you can belt it over some skinny pants or a skirt, I have even seen it wrapped up like a scarf. The fabric is super soft and not fluffy but feels like it should be. It is hard to explain. I can easily see bring this to work to throw over  a tee as the temps get cooler. I also envision this over a high waisted skirt with thigh high boots for a night out.

I won't lie, I have not tried this. I don't have much of a lint problem so I have not had a reason to try this. I will say I have used Hollywood Fashion Secrets before and have been pleased. I have every reason to believe this product works well. I am slightly irritated that this was included, just given how inexpensive and accessible this is. I would preferred something more unique.

I was not sure what to make of this at first. The more I looked at it the more I liked it. I could easily use this to belt my cape or tie around a lose fitting dress. Upon closer inspection you see how layered the tassel ends are. They are not all the same length which adds some more texture and volume to the ends. This is probably not something I will use all the time, but I am definitely interested to work it in to my Fall wardrobe. Plus it's leather, which I love. Sold!

I was really excited to try this. For about a year I have been using brow powder and it was a life changer. Without it, I feel naked. I have been faithful to one brand, but open to another. This brow powder pencil is more precise than what I have been using.It came with instructions with how to identify the right parts of your brow for the best shape. After two days I just eyeballed it, no pun intended, for the main points to hit. The brush end helps smooth out the pencil to create a more natural look. Overall I really liked this product.

This I was really pumped about. Before it came we got a chance to pick from 1 of 3 colors. I picked a rich berry color because I am a sucker for that. When I tried it I was disappointed. It's really glossy, like basically a wet lip look. I don't like it. I prefer a matte or least something more dry. This was too glossy for me and the color was not as pigmented as I hoped. So this was kind of a fail.

Last but not least was this bracelet. I have slowly but surely been adding a variety of bracelets to my collection and this is a perfect fit. I love a tassel so she had me there. Add a few gold links and I am totally in. It is light weight, which is nice as I could layer if I wanted or wear it solo. This is going to be on repeat. I think of all the items this is my favorite this go-round.

There you have it, Rachel Zoe's Fall picks. Again the good in here far outweighs the bad. What do you think? Leave a comment below I would love to hear from you.

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Revenge of the Nerds

On Monday was my youngest sister's birthday. She has to be the nerdiest of my siblings. My older sister and I have some nerdy qualities for sure, but my little sister is the most obvious. She loves superheros, comic books, sci-fi and fantasy. She owns tons of Harley Quinn tees and has dressed up as her for Halloween. She knows all the origin stories all the way down to the D-list characters and storylines. She rolls deep. In honor of her I thought I would pay homage to the nerd girls out there. You can be nerdy but fashionable too.

When I was Villager for a Day for Arc's Value Village I found a couple comic book tees that I still wear on repeat. Here is how I styled them:

See? I got some nerd in me. These were some quick and easy ways to do it. I thought I  would pass on just a couple of tips of how to rock out with your nerd out, while keepin' it chic. 

To start with I prefer a more subtle tee. Either a burnout screen print, less obvious lettering or just the simple Bat symbol. (P.S. You should always be Batman). This way you can sport your nerdy side without literally looking like you came from Comic Con. It also makes it easier to accessorize.  The more daring way is to sport the overall trend.  These aren't your  90s overalls. More tailored and sleek, preferably with longer straps to highlight the tee. Overalls are still very on trend and early in Fall you can  make this work. I also am loving this bomber jacket trend. It's a fun throwback style with a twist of satin fabric, or patterns. Per usual, I prefer it simple like this one from ASOS. Throw that over your tee with some distressed jeans and you can add and rocker element to your nerd style. Lastly, a pair of converse sneakers. I mean, c'mon. This is obvious right?  Converse are cool, always will be, but has a bit of that hipster edge. Just another way to play up the "hey, I'm a nerd but I am cool too" factor. Am I right?

Nerd Girl

Nerd Girl by mcainmoss featuring unisex shoes

Nerd Tees: Left / Right
Left/ Right

How to style: Overalls/ Bomber Jacket/ Converse

What do you think? How do you show off your nerdiness best? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you.

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Monday Round Up: Night Market, Football Games + Mock Necks

Happy Monday! I gotta be honest, I am not ready for this Monday. I mean, I am rarely ready but today is worse. Probably because I was up late Sunday watching the football game. I think it's gonna be a long week. To soften the blow of Monday, let's recap the weekend and close with a fashion moment shall we?

This weekend I was home alone. D went up north to his cabin so I was by myself on Friday night. A Friday night alone is not so bad. I get to sit in my grungy sweats with my pups and watch bad TV. I recently discovered 17 of the America's Next Top Model seasons are on Hulu. So that is what I will be doing for the next few weeks. They are short seasons, like 12-13 episodes, so they are easy to blow through. I am re-watching season 11 and forget how much I loved this show. The pups lay all over me when it is just me home as they love to cuddle. Things got pretty cuddly as evidenced by below:

What can I say? They love their momma.

Saturday was a busier day. I full on sported my new hair color. I am working my way back to blonde. I was blonde my whole life until about three years ago. For a bit I have had the urge to go back but finally committed.  I have a ways to go to get the color I am shooting for, but I finally feel like I am on the blonde track.

I ran down to Ridgedale Mall where the closest Banana Republic is. Unfortunately it was a bit of a bust. I tried on these sailor jeans that I really loved only to discover they were way cheaper online. I bought them when I got home. I also discovered that Nordstrom's is the best laid out store on the planet. It is so spacious and their displays are amazing. It makes you want to buy everything! I really cannot afford much there so that keeps me from breaking the bank, but I really wanted to. I ended my shopping trip at H&M with this adorable camel sweater, coming to the blog soon!

That night I met up with my friend Jackie and we went to explore the Minne Mile Night Market. It sounded cool but it was really small. Literally we throughly walked through it in 25 minutes. It had some food, drinks and a couple little shops, but nothing crazy. Arc's Value Village was there and it was great to officially meet Michelle Rave (@thriftstylist) in person. I worked with her to do Villager For A Day , which was super fun way back in January. She is so sweet and shared a picture of Jackie and I on her instastory. Afterwards, we got a recommendation for a diner Town Talk Diner and headed over there for a bite and a drink. They have the coolest lit up sign out front for a small, upscale diner. We weren't super hungry so we each got an appetizer and drink, which was plenty. Really good food, interesting mixes without being pretentious. Would definitely go back. 

Photo Cred:@thriftsytlist

Inside Town Talk

Sunday was pretty relaxed. I got up a bit later than I wanted and got to the gym later than I wanted. D got home before I did and after I cleaned up we went to a friend's house to watch the game. The Vikings played the Packers in the big Sunday night game. Our friends have a huge projection screen and we got to watch it outside in their backyard. It was so fun! We also got to see some friends who were in from out of town and their sweet little baby. The game was pretty intense. We have a new quarterback who has only been playing with the team for a couple of weeks. I was unsure how we would do. Thankfully we won, by the skin of our teeth really. We are 2-0 SKOL VIKES!

The weather this weekend was a bit unpredictable. Would start off cold, get hot then cold again. It is difficult to dress for this weather. I have been eyeing this mock turtle neck tank at Target for some time and bit the bullet this weekend. By bit the bullet I mean all $17.99 of it. I mean, how cute is this? I think this is the perfect early Fall tank as you have the sleeveless aspect for the warm day, but the neckline is indicative of Fall temperatures. Perfect cross over item. Also, you know I can't resist a stripe. They get me. every. time. It was a done deal. I rocked it out a bit with my distressed black jeans and pointed, lace up booties. These booties rock out any look. I can easily see throwing a long cardi or jean jacket over this for when it gets chilly or even a back pant to class it up for work. Very versatile, chic and perfect for early Fall.

Top| Target
Jeans| Express
Boots| Quipid (similar / similar)
Bag| Target (similar / similar)
Sunnies| Windsor

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