Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all had a great week. It was pretty quiet around here this week so not a ton to report. It will be a pretty quick H54F  but ending with some fashion! Also linking up with four lovely ladies so be sure to check them out!

On Tuesday I went to a concert with my dad at The Varsity Theater in Minneapolis. I have been there once before to see a different band but this was a difference experience. We paid a few extra dollars to be on the mezzanine level where there were a few tables and would not have to stand our ground for hours on the main floor. Totally. Worth it. The upstairs had its own bar, the most interesting bathroom, couches and tables. It wrapped all around until you are basically on the side of the stage which is where we were all night. We saw Temper Trap. They are this indie/alternative rock band out of Australia with their lead singer being from Indonesia. I had listened to them a bit and thought it would be fun but I was pleasantly surprised at how great they were live. I LOVED them, If you get a chance to see them it is a great show. 

So this isn't really a positive, but it is what happened during my week. I had a couple of days in the middle of the week where I did not feel well. Not sick enough to stay home, but enough that it made work difficult. It is just such a nuisance, I just hate being this kind of sick. It is like when it drizzles outside, not heavy enough to use an umbrella but enough you still get uncomfortably wet. Pick a lane! Am I the only one who feels this way? 

With the remake of The Magnificent Seven in theaters now I really wanted to watch the original. I never saw the original but always meant to. I looked on Netflix and Amazon to see if they had it but no such luck. I asked my parents and voila! They had it on blu ray. Perfection. D and I finally found time to watch it this week. Although it is strange to watch an older movie in terms of cinematography, but it was very good. I am excited to see the new one and hopeful it is good.

Ok so obligatory puppy photo. Our dogs are just ridiculous some times. They love to cuddle and cuddle usually  means 'sit on top of.' Riggs in particular is like this. Eva will sit where there is space, Riggs will make a space. Love them. 

So the temps around here have been dropping. However, I am not ready to totally give up on my regular shirts. The other week I went out for a friend's birthday and I needed to dress up a bit. I had some sailor jeans I was hoping to wear with this top but they did not come in the mail in time. Thanks USPS!! ::shakes fist:: Oh well so I wore my high waist skinnies which worked out well anyway because this top is a bit cropped. I love that this top is floral without being springtime. The tone of the navy and cool colors of the flowers are perfect for Fall nights. Also, it is still early enough in the  year to get away with an off the shoulder top. I love the off the shoulder and ties on the arms. It is very delicate and romantic, perfect for an evening out. Top it off with some cute open toed booties and delicate jewelry and I was ready to go.
Like my pup photobomb?

Jeans| Express
Shoes| Eli Tahari (similar / similar)
Necklace| Target

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