Happy Monday! I gotta be honest, I am not ready for this Monday. I mean, I am rarely ready but today is worse. Probably because I was up late Sunday watching the football game. I think it's gonna be a long week. To soften the blow of Monday, let's recap the weekend and close with a fashion moment shall we?

This weekend I was home alone. D went up north to his cabin so I was by myself on Friday night. A Friday night alone is not so bad. I get to sit in my grungy sweats with my pups and watch bad TV. I recently discovered 17 of the America's Next Top Model seasons are on Hulu. So that is what I will be doing for the next few weeks. They are short seasons, like 12-13 episodes, so they are easy to blow through. I am re-watching season 11 and forget how much I loved this show. The pups lay all over me when it is just me home as they love to cuddle. Things got pretty cuddly as evidenced by below:

What can I say? They love their momma.

Saturday was a busier day. I full on sported my new hair color. I am working my way back to blonde. I was blonde my whole life until about three years ago. For a bit I have had the urge to go back but finally committed.  I have a ways to go to get the color I am shooting for, but I finally feel like I am on the blonde track.

I ran down to Ridgedale Mall where the closest Banana Republic is. Unfortunately it was a bit of a bust. I tried on these sailor jeans that I really loved only to discover they were way cheaper online. I bought them when I got home. I also discovered that Nordstrom's is the best laid out store on the planet. It is so spacious and their displays are amazing. It makes you want to buy everything! I really cannot afford much there so that keeps me from breaking the bank, but I really wanted to. I ended my shopping trip at H&M with this adorable camel sweater, coming to the blog soon!

That night I met up with my friend Jackie and we went to explore the Minne Mile Night Market. It sounded cool but it was really small. Literally we throughly walked through it in 25 minutes. It had some food, drinks and a couple little shops, but nothing crazy. Arc's Value Village was there and it was great to officially meet Michelle Rave (@thriftstylist) in person. I worked with her to do Villager For A Day , which was super fun way back in January. She is so sweet and shared a picture of Jackie and I on her instastory. Afterwards, we got a recommendation for a diner Town Talk Diner and headed over there for a bite and a drink. They have the coolest lit up sign out front for a small, upscale diner. We weren't super hungry so we each got an appetizer and drink, which was plenty. Really good food, interesting mixes without being pretentious. Would definitely go back. 

Photo Cred:@thriftsytlist

Inside Town Talk

Sunday was pretty relaxed. I got up a bit later than I wanted and got to the gym later than I wanted. D got home before I did and after I cleaned up we went to a friend's house to watch the game. The Vikings played the Packers in the big Sunday night game. Our friends have a huge projection screen and we got to watch it outside in their backyard. It was so fun! We also got to see some friends who were in from out of town and their sweet little baby. The game was pretty intense. We have a new quarterback who has only been playing with the team for a couple of weeks. I was unsure how we would do. Thankfully we won, by the skin of our teeth really. We are 2-0 SKOL VIKES!

The weather this weekend was a bit unpredictable. Would start off cold, get hot then cold again. It is difficult to dress for this weather. I have been eyeing this mock turtle neck tank at Target for some time and bit the bullet this weekend. By bit the bullet I mean all $17.99 of it. I mean, how cute is this? I think this is the perfect early Fall tank as you have the sleeveless aspect for the warm day, but the neckline is indicative of Fall temperatures. Perfect cross over item. Also, you know I can't resist a stripe. They get me. every. time. It was a done deal. I rocked it out a bit with my distressed black jeans and pointed, lace up booties. These booties rock out any look. I can easily see throwing a long cardi or jean jacket over this for when it gets chilly or even a back pant to class it up for work. Very versatile, chic and perfect for early Fall.

Top| Target
Jeans| Express
Boots| Quipid (similar / similar)
Bag| Target (similar / similar)
Sunnies| Windsor

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