Gift Guide: Men's Birthday

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Today is my husband's birthday. Each and every year he tries to make sure as many people forget about it as possible. Each and every year I make sure that does not happen. Muahaha!

Here's the downside: he is impossible to buy for. He does not have a ton of things he needs.He has a few interests but they are either expensive or I don't want to support (like video games). Say what you want but I cannot support it with my dollar ;)

I already bought his gift but this inspired me to put together a little man gift guide. If I had some decent money to spend and my guy was looking for stylish and on trend pieces for Fall, I would looking into these.

I think we all know men's fashion is best when subtle. No crazy loud colors or patterns. I love it best when it looks effortless and clean. That's why I love this long sleeve tee and military jacket. There is such simplicity to both but so stylish. Military will always be chic to me. A clean basic long sleeve tee with this stitching looks easy and especially great to show off his muscles. I know this backpack is a bit of a stretch, but backpacks are still in style and functional. I imagine a guy who works downtown at a cool, office job would work perfectly with this. What can I say about a watch? I mean it's a necessity and this is a great brand. I like that it's simple and will go with anyway. Let's talk about shoes. I love a white tennis shoe. Crisp white is one of my favorite things. You can dress them up or down depending on your day. I also love these boots. Perfect and clean for Fall. I love that they are slip ons but still look lux.

Men's Bday

Men's Bday by mcainmoss featuring mens hooded jackets

one / two / three
four / five / six

There ya have it! Would you buy any of these for your guy? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear what you think!

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