Today is my husband's birthday. Each and every year he tries to make sure as many people forget about it as possible. Each and every year I make sure that does not happen. Muahaha!

Here's the downside: he is impossible to buy for. He does not have a ton of things he needs.He has a few interests but they are either expensive or I don't want to support (like video games). Say what you want but I cannot support it with my dollar ;)

I already bought his gift but this inspired me to put together a little man gift guide. If I had some decent money to spend and my guy was looking for stylish and on trend pieces for Fall, I would looking into these.

I think we all know men's fashion is best when subtle. No crazy loud colors or patterns. I love it best when it looks effortless and clean. That's why I love this long sleeve tee and military jacket. There is such simplicity to both but so stylish. Military will always be chic to me. A clean basic long sleeve tee with this stitching looks easy and especially great to show off his muscles. I know this backpack is a bit of a stretch, but backpacks are still in style and functional. I imagine a guy who works downtown at a cool, office job would work perfectly with this. What can I say about a watch? I mean it's a necessity and this is a great brand. I like that it's simple and will go with anyway. Let's talk about shoes. I love a white tennis shoe. Crisp white is one of my favorite things. You can dress them up or down depending on your day. I also love these boots. Perfect and clean for Fall. I love that they are slip ons but still look lux.

Men's Bday

Men's Bday by mcainmoss featuring mens hooded jackets

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There ya have it! Would you buy any of these for your guy? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear what you think!

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