Happy Monday! I had the most relaxing weekend ever, which means I did not take a lot of pictures. Sorry! It was a beautiful weekend outside and I basically spent it all indoors. It would have been a waste of a weekend if it wasn't so awesome. Let's get to it!

Friday was a boring work day. Slow day at work. The first month and a half or so of school is pretty slow, so the name of the game is wait it out without going insane. I am trying desperately to do this. After work I hit the gym then ran an errand for my parents. I got a call from D that he accidentally cut Riggs nail too short and he was bleeding. Eventually it stopped and he was all good, but we had to force him to rest the remainder of the evening. That night we scrubbed the house from stem to stern. We had friends coming to spend the weekend and the house desperately needed it. It took all night and I could barely keep my eyes open and I passed out for the night.

Saturday was a busy day. I had to meet a friend up for bridal dress shopping day. One of my closest friends is getting married very soon and she is just dress shopping now so there was some pressure to find something. We first went to a bridal shop in Wayzata, where they have the fanciest Walgreens I have ever seen.

Wayzata is a very fancy suburb. I think she may have found the dress there but is uncertain. We went to a second shop where she found some interesting options but not one she fell in love with. In the end she did not purchase one but have some good options.

Afterwards I headed home where my friends were already well underway in our Game of Thrones marathon. A few months ago we got our friends hooked on GOT. Neither of these couple friends have HBO but we do. We decided a while ago it would be fun to have them over for an adult sleepover and watch all 10 episodes. It took us a while to find a weekend but this was it. We burned through seven episodes on Saturday night. It wasn't easy as we had a few people doze off but we did it. My friend made his homemade pizza from scratch, which is excellent. We had our other friends bring a few snacks including puppychow. The puppychow was dangerous! So good!  Around midnight we hit the pillow.

Sunday we had to wake up at a reasonable hour because we needed to finish the last three episodes before the football game. We provided a hearty breakfast of pancakes, sausage, eggs and hashbrowns. It was so much food! We cranked through the last three episodes just in time for kick off. It felt so great to get all our friends on the same page. They have been watching so much slower than us so when they brought up theories I literally couldn't say anything without giving something away. Now we can all hypothesize together! 

After finishing GOT our friends headed out and we settled in for the first regular season game. The Vikings future seemed a little shaky after our QB got seriously injured about a week and a half ago, so we were unsure today. The first half was rough , but they came out the second half and dominated for the win! SKOL VIKES! Great way to start the season.

I won't lie, we spent the rest of the day laying around. It was a lazy weekend for sure. Now to gear up for a full week of work.

In honor of the football season commencing it is time to get geared up for your favorite team. I am not one of those girls who likes to wear pink colored versions of her team. I want to support my team colors, I don't know why these teams think that because I am a girl I must want to only wear pink. Makes no sense. Most of these items, except for the first, can be found in your team's colors. I am showing the Vikings versions as they are my team. I prefer to keep my style in tact when sporting team colors. I don't need bright purple or the words "MINNESOTA VIKINGS" in the biggest gold print. You can still keep it chic while cheering on your team to Victory. For football it's good to have a teeshirt for those early games and a sweatshirt or long sleeve for into the Fall and Winter games. Some stores like Victoria's Secret used to sell great team gear and were always my go to, but it appears they have stopped. Alyssa Milano has this line called Touch which definitely has some cute pieces. The NFL shop is surprisingly good too. Some very obvious pieces and a lot of jerseys. I am not a jersey gal. I like the first shirt from Apricot Lane because it has my team colors without being obvious. For those of us watching on the couch, sweatpants are a must. Who wants to sit at home in uncomfortable jeans. I could make any of these work on a lazy Sunday like this one.  

game day

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What do you think? How do you like to show your team pride?

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