On Monday was my youngest sister's birthday. She has to be the nerdiest of my siblings. My older sister and I have some nerdy qualities for sure, but my little sister is the most obvious. She loves superheros, comic books, sci-fi and fantasy. She owns tons of Harley Quinn tees and has dressed up as her for Halloween. She knows all the origin stories all the way down to the D-list characters and storylines. She rolls deep. In honor of her I thought I would pay homage to the nerd girls out there. You can be nerdy but fashionable too.

When I was Villager for a Day for Arc's Value Village I found a couple comic book tees that I still wear on repeat. Here is how I styled them:

See? I got some nerd in me. These were some quick and easy ways to do it. I thought I  would pass on just a couple of tips of how to rock out with your nerd out, while keepin' it chic. 

To start with I prefer a more subtle tee. Either a burnout screen print, less obvious lettering or just the simple Bat symbol. (P.S. You should always be Batman). This way you can sport your nerdy side without literally looking like you came from Comic Con. It also makes it easier to accessorize.  The more daring way is to sport the overall trend.  These aren't your  90s overalls. More tailored and sleek, preferably with longer straps to highlight the tee. Overalls are still very on trend and early in Fall you can  make this work. I also am loving this bomber jacket trend. It's a fun throwback style with a twist of satin fabric, or patterns. Per usual, I prefer it simple like this one from ASOS. Throw that over your tee with some distressed jeans and you can add and rocker element to your nerd style. Lastly, a pair of converse sneakers. I mean, c'mon. This is obvious right?  Converse are cool, always will be, but has a bit of that hipster edge. Just another way to play up the "hey, I'm a nerd but I am cool too" factor. Am I right?

Nerd Girl

Nerd Girl by mcainmoss featuring unisex shoes

Nerd Tees: Left / Right
Left/ Right

How to style: Overalls/ Bomber Jacket/ Converse

What do you think? How do you show off your nerdiness best? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you.

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