Welcome to the most glorious day of the week: Friday. I love Friday, so much. It's the best because you have everything to look forward to. I have a few plans this weekend but nothing crazy so hoping to get a few things accomplished. Enough of that though. Ready for some H54F goodness.

Overall it was a pretty slow week. Nothing super fun or interesting so I thought it would be best to share my recent Rachel Zoe Box of Style. I tried this twice last year both with some great success and some with some items that were not so interesting. A few weeks ago I got an email to get $10 off a box so I thought I would try it again. Either way it is $300 worth of items for $100, chosen for you by one of the best stylists in Hollywood. Not too shabby. I got mine the other week and am ready to share.

The box is amazing. I think I will honestly keep it. It folds open  and says "Hello Gorgeous." Flattery will get you everywhere Rachel Zoe.

The hero item here was this big cape. It is a little Cruella De Vil but the more I play with it the more I like it. At firs I was no super sold. However, this is pretty versatile. You can wear it just as is, you can belt it over some skinny pants or a skirt, I have even seen it wrapped up like a scarf. The fabric is super soft and not fluffy but feels like it should be. It is hard to explain. I can easily see bring this to work to throw over  a tee as the temps get cooler. I also envision this over a high waisted skirt with thigh high boots for a night out.

I won't lie, I have not tried this. I don't have much of a lint problem so I have not had a reason to try this. I will say I have used Hollywood Fashion Secrets before and have been pleased. I have every reason to believe this product works well. I am slightly irritated that this was included, just given how inexpensive and accessible this is. I would preferred something more unique.

I was not sure what to make of this at first. The more I looked at it the more I liked it. I could easily use this to belt my cape or tie around a lose fitting dress. Upon closer inspection you see how layered the tassel ends are. They are not all the same length which adds some more texture and volume to the ends. This is probably not something I will use all the time, but I am definitely interested to work it in to my Fall wardrobe. Plus it's leather, which I love. Sold!

I was really excited to try this. For about a year I have been using brow powder and it was a life changer. Without it, I feel naked. I have been faithful to one brand, but open to another. This brow powder pencil is more precise than what I have been using.It came with instructions with how to identify the right parts of your brow for the best shape. After two days I just eyeballed it, no pun intended, for the main points to hit. The brush end helps smooth out the pencil to create a more natural look. Overall I really liked this product.

This I was really pumped about. Before it came we got a chance to pick from 1 of 3 colors. I picked a rich berry color because I am a sucker for that. When I tried it I was disappointed. It's really glossy, like basically a wet lip look. I don't like it. I prefer a matte or least something more dry. This was too glossy for me and the color was not as pigmented as I hoped. So this was kind of a fail.

Last but not least was this bracelet. I have slowly but surely been adding a variety of bracelets to my collection and this is a perfect fit. I love a tassel so she had me there. Add a few gold links and I am totally in. It is light weight, which is nice as I could layer if I wanted or wear it solo. This is going to be on repeat. I think of all the items this is my favorite this go-round.

There you have it, Rachel Zoe's Fall picks. Again the good in here far outweighs the bad. What do you think? Leave a comment below I would love to hear from you.

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