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Heck yes it's Friday! I don't know what it as about this week but it has moved so slow. Maybe because last week was a short week, this week every day felt like it should have been the next. Anyone else feel that way? Oh well, we are about done folks! Three cheers for Friday!

Last week I posted about  my most recent Stitch Fix. I have been loving getting my fix in every other month and they are typically very successful. However, this was not always the case for me. I have also suggested Stitch Fix to friends and they have had a few struggles as well. So I thought I would spend my H54F share some of my best tips to make Stitch Fix work for you.

Remember you are talking to someone who you have never met. Most of the time if someone is styling you, whether a professional or a friend, they know a little about you or can get a feel for your personality and sense of style. You fill out a small survey to get a general sense of style, but it is still pretty vague. Also there are SO many options for clothes. So not only do they not know but, but might not have a great idea where to start. If you are looking for a great pair of skinny jeans, say so. If you are looking for a statement necklace for a wedding next month , say so. Give them some clear direction and a place to start.

This is the best way for them to get a solid sense of your personal style. I made this mistake initially .I don't really use pinterest. Honestly, I don't get it. It doesn't appeal to me. The last time I used it before  my first fix was a year prior and I was looking for maxi dresses and skirts. I pinned a bunch and never thought about it. Naturally, my stylist felt like that's what I must love and sent me a maxi skirt. I hated it, haha. Because I don't update my pinterest I took that off my profile and including a link to my blog. Major improvement after this in all fronts from style to colors. Update that pinterest girl!

This is a little like my advice from #1. This really about communicate, communicate, communicate. They will always ask you for feedback for the next fix. If you didn't like something, say specifically why. The clearer the better. You can request items as well. In your fix they show an example of how to style the item they sent. Once before I used a shirt from the example as something I would want in my next fix. Telling them what you don't like is just as important as what you do. It helps your stylist filter through and find just the right pieces for you. The one time I did not give feedback, I got a fix that was one of my worst, it was not me at all. Feedback is critical.

I really believe after communicating getting that right stylist is key. You need someone who gets you. Some people just click together and finding that stylist is important. The first fix I got that I knew was for  me was this one. It was the right colors and just  my style. The next time I had a fix I asked to have that stylist again.  As time goes on they understand you even more and the fixes get better. Find your fashion soulmate and enjoy!

Last but not least is frequency of your fixes. You get charged $20 either way whether you buy something or not. If it cost nothing then I would probably have it come monthly. Initially that is what I was doing but  I felt a pressure to buy because I did not want to be out $20 with nothing to show for it. You can get it to come as often as you want, monthly , bi-monthly etc. After a few monthly fixes it was too overwhelming and I realized I did not need it that often. I have since switched to bi-monthly and it works perfect for me. I can still shop at my favorite stores in between and then Stitch Fix feels like a nice surprise treat. You can constantly switch say if you need a lot of new clothes to get them as often as possible, to once you are full up getting it less often. It will be far more fun if you tailor the fixes to fit your needs. 

There you have it. My best advice to get the most out of your fix. I hope it was helpful. Do you have any advice not included on my list? I would love to hear from you, leave me a comment below. 

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