I do not know what it is about this week as it was a short week but I could not be more grateful for Friday. This week has been totally crazy busy and I just need a night to decompress.I am also started to get sick of winter. Now that Christmas, New  Year's and my birthday is over I am done with winter. I no longer have reason for it. Now I look forward to St. Patrick's Day, my next favorite holiday. Until then I just  keep wishing for more sunlight here in Minnesota. 

I do have some good news. I got my Stitch Fix over the last weekend an am in love. I have not liked a fix as much as this one before. The note from the stylist was she read through my blog and got a good sense not only of my style but my stature. She took that into consideration, which I so appreciated and made this a successful fix. Let's get started!


I always take a look at the card before I open up the package to get an idea of what is in there. When I saw these pants I got excited. When I tried them on I knew I would be living in them. They are designed to look like a jean with front faux pockets and real back pockets. However, they are almost like a ponte material. Soft and stretchy like a legging but thick enough where you can wear a regular shirt. What is even better about these pants is that the waist band is literally a band, but it is covered by the material so you cannot really tell. It feels a bit like maternity pants that way but I do not even care because they are so comfortable fit so well with items in my closet. These are mine.
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I love a cardigan. One thing about living in a changing climate is layering. I will admit at first this one was a bit confusing. the front pieces and back panel are a silk-chiffon type material. The sleeves are cotton so the static electricity was maddening. It was really cute on and perfect for winter and when I could easily see this transitioning to chilly summer nights. I really liked this one, but honestly I also really liked a few other items and I knew this would be perfect for one of  my good friends. So technically sold!
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This sweater I thought originally would be my favorite.I love the stripes. It is hard to see but it is black, white and dark green. In the note the stylist said this was made for layering and she was right. It is very thin, which means in the winter it is layer city with this and in the Spring/Summer I can probably wear it plain. The side slit is very high so I cannot wear it to work which limits is usage. However, I still really like it so it's a keeper.
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When I first saw this I was not sure I would be crazy about it. Seemed pretty plain and it is a bit like a thin wool. I wore it on Wednesday to work and am now obsessed with it. It is softer than you would expect and the color blocking and angular cut of the bottom are really flattering. Shirts for me have to either be short enough that it shows the minimal shapeliness of my waist or long enough to cover my hips which makes me look leaner. This does a bit a of both so it is a win-win. Therefore, it's mine.
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This A-line top was  a so-so for me. A-lines are not great for my figure as they tend to hit me at my widest spot, making me look wider than I am. This would be a great weekend top for running errands or thorwing a vest over. I do like the v-like stripes at the bottom to draw the eye inward and make it more figure flattering. At this point I already liked three of the other tops and figured my friend would take the cardigan. It made more fiscal sense to buy all the items and get the 25% discount. Mine!
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See? I told you my most successful fix. I have never bought all the items before. I am trying to request this stylist again because she definitely had  my number. Hopefully she can do my next fix I cannot wait to see what she comes up with! What do you think? Would you have bought all five items too? Leave a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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