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Is the moratorium after holiday shopping over yet? I think so. I have been looking around at some things I need now that the holidays and my birthday are over so I thought I would share a few things that are on my wishlist. Amazon owns my wallet these days with their prime delivery and the having of basically everything, so I thought I would start there.

I won't lie, in prepping this I may have bought some of these things on the list (eek!) but I still think it would be fun to share with you all. Right now as much as I want things, I'm trying mix in some things I need. Case in point, these sneakers. This summer I bought some better crossfit/weight lifting shoes but my cardio shoes are in rough shape. I was doing a cardio workout this week and landing funny ( I think) and my ankle still hurts, it's time to level up and these would be a good option.  Also, I am looking for a pair of cute joggers that look more like the kind I could wear out, or style with a more professional top for those zoom meetings. I'm in need of some more bins to finish my pantry/refrigerator plan and I think these might be a good option. I also keep inching towards and picking at  my closet too. I would love to swap out all of our hangers to velvet ones too and the black is super chic. The jacket, glasses and bracelet I don't need but they're fun. The jacket I was thinking would be a good transitional coat for spring or on these warmer days when I don't need something so bulky.