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It's officially my birthday week! My actual birthday is Thursday the 7th, but I thought it would make sense to drop this list early. I am one of those crazy people who love their birthday. I always have. As much as I'm not someone who is super comfortable with tons of attention, I've always loved my day. Of course when you're a kid you get fun presents and eat cake that's a blast. As you get older, it's a great excuse to pamper yourself or grab your favorite people and force them to go somewhere you want to go. Usually, I drag my friends to a bar I really want to try. Typically a place we may not agree to go to as a group. I put on a cute outfit and enjoy the fact that my friends humor me enough to give into this behavior every year. 

This year is different. Nowhere is open and, frankly, I wouldn't go our right now anyway. So this year my friends will get a reprieve and my family will come over for a little celebration. I have to be honest it made it harder to think of things I wanted this year. I am full time working from home so clothes, shoes bags seem a bit silly this year. Some of the things I really wanted I got for Christmas, the downside of being so close to the holiday. I do have a few things I have been thinking about for a while though. A mix of some clothes I have wanted, and bigger things like some nice jewelry or a new floor length mirror that I desperately want. The real mirror I want is about $1,000 but that's insane so I have been searching around for a great oversized mirror for our master. I also thought about things I'd be interested in trying this year like microblading or a lash fill but I haven't figured out where to get that yet. Any suggestions of good local places I am open to!