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If you get the above joke, we are best friends.

So Valentine's Day is right around the corner can you believe it? Typically Derek and I do not do anything for this holiday. He is in the camp of it being a corporate holiday and he does not need a day to appreciate me. I am in the camp of: I never get flowers for no reason anyways so why not February 14th? This year our friends invited us to do a couple's dinner so I need a dress. Therefore dress hunting is necessary. I have an old red dress sitting in my closet but it probably does not fit anymore and I'd rather not attempt to put it on to find it does not fit. Let the dress shopping begin! Here are a few possibilities:

1) Lulus Pretty Neon Pink Dress  $61:I do not wear a lot of pink. As my blog name infers neutrals are my jam. However, if I am going to break out of  my mold than Valentine's is the time.

lulus neon pink

2) Lulus Keepsake Adore you $191: This is definitely on the pricier side but it is worth a look for sure. I love the pink floral crossed with the black it adds a bit of an edgey rocker vibe to a floral print.

keepsake lulus

3) Lulus Red Lace Romper $48: It is not secret I love a romper. I currently own two and #cantstopwontstop. This is definitely in that category and for that price it is practically a done deal.

red lace romper

4) Lulu's Heart of Midi: $48: I love how simplistic this silhouette is. The scallop shape on the bust line is unique and flattering. Also, I personally feel more comfortable in a black color than a true red.

work of heart

5) For Love and Lemons Pot Potpourri Dress, Nasty Gal, $250: I love the romanticism of this dress. It is lady-like in the color and fabric, but sexy in sillhouette. Perfection.

pot pourri

I actually had a difficult time finding dresses I would wear for Valentine's Day. I did not want just a pretty dress, I wanted something meant for Valentine's Day dinner. Unfortunately, the places I usually look to for dresses do not have online shopping in the true sense of they word. Local retailers Primp and Primrose Park consistently have a fabulous and unique selection of dresses at reasonable prices. If you live in Minneapolis check those places out for sure!

P.S. I did wind up buying one of these dresses. Can you guess which one? :) What do you think of my selections? What would you buy? Do you  have any fun Valentine's plans? Leave a comment below and tell me all about it.