I thought about another outfit post for today, but then I said to myself "" So today I am going to start a little shoe feature that I will continue over the coming weeks.  In my dream world not only would I have homes in Paris, Milan, New York and some fancy place in Mexico but I would have the grandest shoe closet. Shoes are my all time favorite clothing item, which is why I am choosing to dedicate some significant blog time to it. I am hoping if you are like me shoes own your heart, soul and wallet. Hopefully you will be willing to go on this soleful journey with me. (Get it, sole, like the sole of a shoe? I slay me.) We are going to start big and bold. I am going this route first because my job does not allow for fancy schmancy shoes. In my brain I am Miranda Priestly from Devil Wears Prada, but in real life I am more Andy Sachs.  If you do not understand these references, stop reading my blog right now. Even I read that book and I am barely literate. Go pick it up and read it and then return.

Welcome back. These shoes I am going to feature  in this blog are the dream. I would never in a million years be able to afford this but so wish that I could. I will search high and low for their budget counterpart.

What I like in a shoe is something unique. It is good to have your staple black and nude pumps sitting in your closet. However, if I am going to spend  a significant amount of money I want it to be unique. I did my best to find a few that inspire me to go bankrupt for them: (brought to you by polyvore find me at mcainmoss)

fancy schmancy shoes1) Fendi blue pumps, $795,

2) Mary Katrantzou vintage shoes
$705 -

3) Manolo Blahnik high heel pumps

4)UN United Nude ruby pumps

$270 -

I decided to stick within the limits of Pantone's color trends for Spring and other trends. I picked a few that I showed next to the shoes as my inspiration. There are a lot of what I would consider dull pastels, which I think makes them more mature and less Easter Sunday. I also picked a few with a metallic hint because I have been seeing that trend crop up again, which I love! Who doesn't want to look like a sexy robot? Definitely this chick.  I love the patterns and mix of colors on these shoes. They make me remember that eventually this snow will melt and sun shall inhabit the earth. The one outlier is the grey pair. I chose this to match with the Pantone colors and because of it's special silhouette. It's sexy without giving away the whole foot :)

What do you all think? What are your dream shoes! Dream big!!