Good Monday er'body. Well today is back to the workday grind. I was lucky enough to have a lot of time off over the holiday and get rejuvenated. Although I definitely feel refreshed are we every ready to  go back to work? Probably not. But, alas, to work I return. The one nice thing about this time of year is my birthday is this week which helps with the after holiday slump, but more on that later. Let's start where we left off shall we?

On New Year's day Derek and I met my parents to watch the Minnesota Gophers play in the Citrus Bowl. We tried to go to a couple of bars in the Northeast Minneapolis area but everyone else had the same idea we did. We wound up at New Bohemia Wurst & Bierhaus. I had seen this place several times because it is near some of my favorite boutiques but  never went in. They had space at their tables and TVs so in we went. It is an order at the counter place and then they bring the food to you. As you can guess by the name it is bratwurst place. They have an incredible variety of brats ranging from Italian sausage to alligator to rabbit. You also get two toppings and order the sides separately. Being that it was the day after NYE I was not into taking great food risks, however I did try the Italian sausage with spicy kraut and french fries. You guys, it was so good! I would go back in a minute. They also recently opened a location in Golden Valley. The inside was pretty cool too with long beer hall tables and a couple of smaller tables. They also had lights strung from the ceiling which added a warmer touch to the otherwise warehouse decor.

IMG_1178 Unfortunately we lost the game, but we did have a fun afternoon with my parents. After the game we went home and crashed for the rest of night in our comfy pants. I was not sure if I would be hungry later that day but I was. Chinese food is the best food ever after a drinky evening :)


It was delicious. Also an amazing thing about the weekend is that they put all of Friends  on Netflix. I have powered through the first season already. This is the show of my youth. I could basically quote and act out every episode.


Ross and Rachel you guys, the original ' will they or won't they.' Well if you don't count Sam and Diane, but I don't because it was not the show of my generation.

The rest of the weekend was pretty chill. I saw "Birdman" on Saturday night with my sister's fiance while she saw "Babadook" with Derek. The movie was great! I have heard nothing but good things about the movie and everything was right. It is definitely more of an artsy kind of movie  but Michael Keaton was fabulous in it. If you haven't seen it, it is worth braving the cold for. Afterwards we went out to Keegan's, which is just down the street from New Bohemia. It is a great little Irish bar. Quiet, unassuming and a fair amount of beers on tap. It is a good place to check out when looking for a quiet bar. Sunday was equally as relaxing. Our friends Steve and Jackie came over for the afternoon. Jackie and I powered through more Friends while Derek and Steve brewed some beer in the freezing temps. I think Jackie and I had the smarter plan.

Overall I had few days off of work. I would not say I am exactly ready to go back to work but I am feeling rested a relaxed. Typically I try to include at an interesting event or OOTD in my posts but this weekend was amazingly relaxing. I am thinking of starting up a link party on Mondays. What do you all think? Would you participate? How was your weekend? Leave a comment below!