The trouble with birthdays is I simultaneously want attention and don't want attention at the same time. I really LOVE my birthday, I cannot stress that enough. However, I do not like unnecessary attention around it or birthday pranks, that kind of thing. There has to be a happy medium with this business and one I will find it! In the meantime on to the side where birthdays are awesome. So if  you have not figured out yet today is my birthday. One thing I love is wear new clothes for my birthday. It is a special day, in my eyes, and I need a special outfit right? That is the same rationale I use every January 7th. Yesterday I got my hair did so it is freshly cut and colored for the big day. Side note: my aunt Michelle does my hair and she is amazing. She works at HAIRitage Hous' Salon in Lake Elmo (basically Woodbury) and she's fantastic. As well as everyone else who works there. I also know her friend Jammie, who is equally fantasitic, check 'em out :) On the way home I stopped at Woodbury Lakes shopping center  who recently added one of my favorite boutiques Primp. Of course I basically wanted everything in there. I bought two shirts, one I will probably wear on Friday and one I am wearing today. They are both the same brand and oddly enough the same brand of shirt I bought at Parc Boutique and wore to Christmas Day. They had multiple shirts like this in their Woodbury location and I basically wanted them all. I will warn you they run a little small. They were tight in the arms and shoulders so I bought a size larger. Basically I am loving this look. I tried searching for the designer and the only website they had was for businesses to purchase so I tried to find the closest shirts I could

Shirt: Primp , Lumiere $42 (similar, similar, similar)

Pants: Banana republic, skinny jean, $79.50

Shoes: Target, $44.99

Jewelry: Primp (old)

Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs Baker Watch, $175 (gift from the best husband ever)

Also, I am having a busy busy weekend so I will not post a blog on Friday. I will however blog on Saturday and then again on Monday. Be sure to follow me on instagram @mymonochromaticlife to get updates in the moment. This Saturday I am going to a concert and on Saturday I am going out for my birthday with friends!