Crochet in Black

So the weather around here lately has been unpredictable. One day it is cool and the next super warm. It's hard to know how to dress sometimes so when I don't know, I go with my signature black. Seem's good, right? I really loved this top from PinkBlush. I have posted about them before both when I was pregnant (here) and when I wasn't (here).  They do mostly maternity clothes but have a great selection of casual wear for non-maternity too. Lots of flattering tops that move away from the body (i.e. your waist) to feel fashionable but confident all at once. I can't think of a better way to do this than in my signature black. If you have followed along for a while y'all know how much I love my black on black on black looks. Today is no different. I mixed types a bit today. The crochet could read a little boho, but the black made it have a bit of a rocker vibe for me so I  went both directions. I added the hat to work the boho angle. The distressed denim and fringe necklace brought the rocker element. At first,  I thought I would pair these with some black booties but then I remembered these Calvin Klein beauties and I liked how it made the look a little cleaner. Definitely mixing and matching a bit here, but I like to try and change things up for myself but identifying my natural instinct and them doing something different. Every now and again at least....;)

Top| PinkBlush
Jeans| Express (similar / similar)
Purse| Melie Bianco
Shoes| Calvin Klein

What do you think? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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Shopping My Closet

Monday Round Up: Rainy Days + Dabblers

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Happy Monday! Today I am happy that it is Monday because I am going to the Minnesota State Fair today and I am pumped! I maintain it is the best state fair in the country (she says having not attended any other state fairs). But, BUT has Kate Spade been to your state fair (see proof here)? No! Ok, I say that a bit in jest, but I am so excited to go and bring Reese for the first time. So follow along on my instagram for details!

This weekend was another one for the books. Summer is winding down and we are trying to scoot everything in we can. So here goes!

Friday I worked and worked my second job too so it was kind of a busy day getting a lot done. That night we went over to a friend's house. D was helping our friend set up his keg and Reese and I basically just tagged along. But it was good to see them because it had been a minute. It was good to catch up with them as they have a little baby too so it is fun to trade stories. And, obviously, they are our friends and it is just fun to hang out. We didn't stay too late cause #weareold .

Saturday was the busiest day. I had to do a little work in the morning and then we were off for Reese's six month photos. Six months! I can't believe it. The first couple months were very slow and the last couple have just flown by. It's so crazy. That morning she sat up alone for the first time. If she wavered around too much she would fall, but she definitely could do it unassisted. So cute and perfect timing. At her photos I was so mad at myself. I thought I bought some new headbands to match her outfits but when we got there I realized they were hair clips. The packaging said "headwraps." Would you think that is a clip? I was so frustrated. Le sigh. In spite of this she did a great job and the photos are so cute!

That night we went with some friends to the Summer Beer Dabbler. Two years ago we went to the winter one at the state fairgrounds and had a blast. We had a smaller group this time but it was still fun. They had it at the St. Paul Saints baseball field ( a baseball league that is unrelated to the MLB). The stadium is gorgeous so I knew it would be fun. Unfortunately rain was in the forecast so we had to dress for the occasion (details at the end!). But we had fun anyway. It drizzled for a bit but then cleared up.We tried a bunch of beer from both Minnesota and around the country. At the winter one we discovered some new ones, this time around I don't think we discovered anything amazing but hd a great time anyway! 

Fireworks to close it out!

 Sunday was a bit of a slower day. Our friends stayed the night so we made breakfast and we got them hooked on another show (yes!). After they left we took care of a few things and went grocery shopping. Our little girl enjoys playing with the food in the cart. Note to visitors: don't eat the bananas at our house..

Oh and after I exercised I came to find this......

Sunday night was the GOT finale.! It was so good. I won't say anything here so as to not spoil it but if you have not seen it yet, watch it. If you don't watch the show...what are you doing?! Go watch it!

So for Saturday I was actually terrified that it might be a legit downpour. I have an umbrella but that's too hard to carry around while beer tasting. I got a poncho from a family friend but honestly I was worried about shoes. I don't have any shoes I didn't care if they got water logged. I searched around for a great pair of rain boots. I wanted a good pair but also a pair that don't look ridiculous. I have always heard good thing about Hunter's, but when I looked they were crazy expensive. I know I am late to the party on these and I was talking to a friend and she said they were worth it and basically they would be the only rain boots I would ever have to buy. I went looking around and I found these for $50 cheaper! New and everything, completely legit.  I really loved them. Simple and classic, definitely kept me dry and surprisingly comfortable. A softer, cushy fabric inside was comfortable and warm. Also big enough for me to wear some thick socks, which would be perfect as things get cooler around here. I paired them with my favorite spanx leggings and a long tee. A easy look so I didn't have to worry if I got soaked. Thankfully, I didn't but these boots definitely looked great in the meantime!

Boots| Hunter 

What do you think? Do you have a pair? Let me know in a comment below!

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Stitch Fix Transitions + #H54F Link Ups

Happy Friday! Another week down, another week closer to fall. I am still torn about this anyone else? Right now the days are still warm but the nights are cool. That is my favorite. Crisp night air is the best. I am not ready for full on fall but this? I will take this. 

This is the perfect Friday to do a Stitch Fix round up. I got my most recent one the other day and it has some great, transitional items for the changing season. You still need some light items for the day, but layering pieces and my favorite, darker colors. Let's get rolling!


It is hard to say what my favorite piece is in this Fix, but this is definitely high on the list. I have been wanting one of these bar neck tops for a while and just never bit the bullet. When things are so present I guess I don't feel so rushed to grab one because I can get one anywhere. I am really glad I held out for this one. First, Z Supply makes some of the most comfortable tees I have ever worn. I like that it is a little looser and the keyhole isn't hemmed. I like the unfinished quality about it. It's a great way to wear a tee but with some style to it. Love it. It's mine.



I have been eyeing this baby for a bit. I have a beige, heavier weight cardigan just like this. But was in need of another color and something lighter weight for the early part of this season. It was a little thinner than what I wanted but otherwise really great. This is definitely going to be a go-to this fall. My office is so cold all the time so a light weight cardigan is just what the fashion gods ordered.


I so wanted to keep this. I was actually hoping it was more of a knit. Like sweater material on top, this is more or a rayon or something. Would be really appropriate if I had a dressier office, or if I was going to a wedding. It was just too dress for my work and I could not justify it. Which is upsetting because it also fit like a dream.


This is also one of my favorites. I am having a moment with sneakers. I now have more sneakers than I ever had in my life but there is room for one more. I love these metallic sneakers. These are a little more sleek and simple, than some of my sneakers right now I was a little worried they would be too shiny but they aren't at all. They are shiny enough, but not blinding so they can be easily worn to work. I already know they are going to get worn out by me soon.



Last but certainly not least, this bag. It says it is a wristlet, but it's way too big for that. It does come with one of those little wristlet handles and you can take this strap ff completely if you want. I do love that it is more compact. I needed a small purse to put in my big work bag so when I stop at the store after work I don't have to lug in my huge bag. This little black number will do. Also it has a colorful tassel, check! And it says "I own too much black" check, check! This was basically made for me. You're welcome, self.


Another great Fix in the books! I think I might schedule another one faster. I am in need of a few more things for fall, so we'll see. What was your favorite item? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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Red Statement Prep

Since being back at work I have been playing around with some more professional looks. A preppy look is another side of my personality and with the school year right around the corner, I am trying to work more of this into my day-to-day looks. All these items have been in my closet for a while, I am just re-working them for this. I started with this top from French Connection. I love a red top, especially now that I am back with my blonde hair. I also loved blondes in red. It is also a perfect excuse for to rock my red lip during the day. This is a mixed material top and I love the flow of this. For this look I am wearing it partially tucked into a trouser pant. These are more of a trouser material but they look like a denim, so they have that professional appeal but still casual enough for work. So I could have completed this look with an oxford or a loafer, but see I have these red sneakers in my closet begging to be worn. I had to, right? They help keep the look a little more casual and I also super love them. Complete with my favorite red purse and a little sparkly jewelry and I am back to school bound.

Top| French Connection (similar )
Jeans| Banana Republic (similar / similar)
Purse| Kate Spade (similar / similar)
Shoes| Superga (similar)
Cardigan| Target (similar / similar)

What do you think? Leave me a comment below!

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Shopping My Closet

Monday Round Up: White Tees + Busy Weekends

Happy Monday! I don't know about you, but I am not ready for this week. I had a very busy weekend and need a weekend from my weekend, ha! I hope you were following along on instagram. I tend to post more on the weekends, especially when I am doing fun things!

On Friday after work D suggested we run to the mall to do some shopping for Reese. She is growing like crazy and we were running out of things to put her in. We decided to go to Mall of America because they just have all the stores. We were going to go Sunday after the baseball game, but D thought it would be better on Friday. We went down there and hit a bunch of stores for her. Got some great stuff. I have learned white for children is a bad idea. Somehow the stores have not learned this? We managed to find some good stuff AND a great outfit for her 6 month (omg! 6 months!) photos next week. Afterwards, we went out to eat because we were starving and D and Reese were equally cranky.

Chillin' while we sort through her clothes

Saturday we took my parents, sister and niece out on the boat. I had to do a little work in the AM and then we met them at a lake about 12:30. It was a gorgeous day, which was a nice change of pace for the past week. We hung out for a couple of hours and we almost got my niece to swim in the water but at the last minute she got spooked and didn't, but I think she had fun. Afterwards, we went to my parents' house for a little pizza and hanging out. My other sister came over too and it was a good family day.

Sunday, another busy day (see a pattern?). We decided to take Reese to her first major league baseball game. I am a big Twins fan and was so excited to bring her.  We did buy some cheaper tickets in case she really didn't like it so we would not feel bad about leaving. The first time something really exciting happened the sound freaked her out and she screamed. I took her out and she calmed down pretty quick. We tried one more time and it happened again. She didn't mind the typical cheers but we had a few big plays in the first inning and the crowd was pumped. The nice thing about Target Field is there are lots of places to hang out. They have this one bar with food and drink and, God love them, air conditioning. We hung out there for a bit and then walked around and watched the game from the concourse. I am proud to say we won and kicked the ____ out of the other team. We finished up Sunday with Game of Thrones. I love that show so much, I can't take it. Anyone else?

Pumpkin spice donut :)

Right now my closet is in transition mode. Around here one day can be hot as blazes and the next is chilly in need of a sweater. I was recently at local favorite Proper & Prim looking for a dress for a wedding next month and I came across this tee. So simple but super chic. I imagined a few different ways I could make it work so naturally, I bought it. I wore it to work on Friday with some high waisted jeans but then I remembered I had this skirt in my closet and thought it was more fun to show. It's an old skirt, but I liked the shine without being too flashy. I paired it with my staple black booties that give it a fall type feel. As it gets cooler I could easily layer a cardigan or or jacket depending on where I am wearing it. Keep the jewelry simple. This kind of tee demands simplicity.  Ready to rock an' roll.

Skirt| Old (similar / similar)
Booties| DSW

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