Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend because I sure did. Some fun mixed with a little work, but amazing just the same. It was a good, relaxing weekend which is gonna be needed for the busy week I have ahead. I will try to keep up with posts, but may not be able to this week. A little patience with me this week :)

Friday was a gorgeous summer day. I spent most of my day in a windowless office and I just wanted to be outside. Worst part of my job is the windowless office in the summer time. When I got home I was itching for a cool drink on a warm patio. D and I have this thing where we want to give in to our vices at the same time. I danced around the dinner plan and he was talking about maybe going out somewhere and I was like "yes! a patio!" Done. We went to this local place with a huge patio and two-for-one's. Not bad, not bad. We rented a movie, The Circle, that was terrible. Then went to bed.

Saturday was Irish Fair day. Every year St. Paul holds an Irish fest and it's awesome. All day there is music, events, speakers, demonstrations, and shopping. Typically I would spend more time but I brought Reese with and was not sure how she would do. D was not interested so I went with my parents, sister and niece. It was hot as blazes with the sun out so I tried to keep her out of the sun. We listened to a speaker, saw some big wolfhound dogs, ran into some family, listened and danced to some music, drank some beer and of course shopped. I bought a little something I am featuring today :).  Seriously, if you have an Irish fair in your town go. They know how to have a good time and have a rich, cultural history. I always see something new each year. Plus it is part of my ethnic background so there's that.

Sunday was a bit more of a relaxed day. D took Reese up to his parent's house. I got done some much-needed house cleaning. Our house is always messy, always. Drives me crazy. I usually make D do his part, but sometimes it's just easier to do a quick sweep when everyone is gone. Then I ran down a local boutique for a dress for this wedding next month. I almost fit into this one dress in a size I was happy with. Like literally a hair too small. Not quite six months post-partum, and a ton of work later, I was pretty proud of myself. They did locate the right size so win-win.

This weekend's weather was all over the place. Like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Saturday was too hold, Sunday was too cold and Friday was just right. Sunday was not cold, I guess, but cooler than normal and a little rainy. After lounging around in my workout clothes and cleaning I really did not want to get all dolled up for one errand. I threw on these leggings that are cool enough to wear out and about, a plain white T and my ol'reliable anorak jacket. The standout piece though is this bag I bought at the Irish Fair. My mom and dad went on Friday night too for some bands and mom did a little shopping. She bought this bag and I knew I wanted to snag one for myself. She bought this small one and at first, I thought I wanted a slightly bigger one. I need a small purse to stick in my bigger work bag. I often run errands after and to have to carry my enormous bag into Target is so frustrating. What I loved about these too is the gold symbol. They had a few symbols like a Claddagh, thistle (Scottish symbol), and the tree of life. I have always loved the Tree of Life and what it stands for. It also happened to be what my momma had, so basically I #bitchstolemylook from my mother. What can I say? I learned from the best.

Jacket| Stitch Fix (similar / similar)
Leggings| Pink Blush
Shoes| Target (similar / similar)
Tee| Target 

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