Happy Monday! I don't know about you, but I am not ready for this week. I had a very busy weekend and need a weekend from my weekend, ha! I hope you were following along on instagram. I tend to post more on the weekends, especially when I am doing fun things!

On Friday after work D suggested we run to the mall to do some shopping for Reese. She is growing like crazy and we were running out of things to put her in. We decided to go to Mall of America because they just have all the stores. We were going to go Sunday after the baseball game, but D thought it would be better on Friday. We went down there and hit a bunch of stores for her. Got some great stuff. I have learned white for children is a bad idea. Somehow the stores have not learned this? We managed to find some good stuff AND a great outfit for her 6 month (omg! 6 months!) photos next week. Afterwards, we went out to eat because we were starving and D and Reese were equally cranky.

Chillin' while we sort through her clothes

Saturday we took my parents, sister and niece out on the boat. I had to do a little work in the AM and then we met them at a lake about 12:30. It was a gorgeous day, which was a nice change of pace for the past week. We hung out for a couple of hours and we almost got my niece to swim in the water but at the last minute she got spooked and didn't, but I think she had fun. Afterwards, we went to my parents' house for a little pizza and hanging out. My other sister came over too and it was a good family day.

Sunday, another busy day (see a pattern?). We decided to take Reese to her first major league baseball game. I am a big Twins fan and was so excited to bring her.  We did buy some cheaper tickets in case she really didn't like it so we would not feel bad about leaving. The first time something really exciting happened the sound freaked her out and she screamed. I took her out and she calmed down pretty quick. We tried one more time and it happened again. She didn't mind the typical cheers but we had a few big plays in the first inning and the crowd was pumped. The nice thing about Target Field is there are lots of places to hang out. They have this one bar with food and drink and, God love them, air conditioning. We hung out there for a bit and then walked around and watched the game from the concourse. I am proud to say we won and kicked the ____ out of the other team. We finished up Sunday with Game of Thrones. I love that show so much, I can't take it. Anyone else?

Pumpkin spice donut :)

Right now my closet is in transition mode. Around here one day can be hot as blazes and the next is chilly in need of a sweater. I was recently at local favorite Proper & Prim looking for a dress for a wedding next month and I came across this tee. So simple but super chic. I imagined a few different ways I could make it work so naturally, I bought it. I wore it to work on Friday with some high waisted jeans but then I remembered I had this skirt in my closet and thought it was more fun to show. It's an old skirt, but I liked the shine without being too flashy. I paired it with my staple black booties that give it a fall type feel. As it gets cooler I could easily layer a cardigan or or jacket depending on where I am wearing it. Keep the jewelry simple. This kind of tee demands simplicity.  Ready to rock an' roll.

Skirt| Old (similar / similar)
Booties| DSW

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