Happy Monday again! You will find me a bit more saddened this morning for two reasons 1) my cousin who I rarely get to see is headed back home and 2) the  Vikings lost their game yesterday kicking them out of the playoffs. More on that later. I am going to try and keep this a little short and sweet, part of my weekend will be addressed in more detail later but I will let you know.

This was the weekend of my birthday. It happens to be a big birthday so I was trying to make plans for a long time. Two years ago when it was D's big birthday I planned a really big party so I put him in charge of my party. The only thing I worried about was getting my cousin into town. She flew in on Thursday, my actual birthday, and I took the day off. She stayed with me and we had a great weekend. We went out to eat on my actual birthday, did a little thrift shopping, visited family, celebrated my birthday and watched football. On Friday I took her with me to a thrift store for something that is coming up. Stay tuned on my instagram @mymonochromaticlife for more information coming this week! It was really helpful to have her because she does more thrift shopping than me and she encouraged me to keep looking when I was unsure. I am excited to share my finds with you all soon. We did find some interesting records including this one:

Weird right? It was so fun. That night we went to my parent's house to celebrate my birthday and so my family could see my cousin. Any time we get together with family is a good night. We drank and ate and laughed. Basically a great Friday.

Saturday we went to the gym and she showed me a few new things to add to my repertoire. Unfortunately we lost track of time and did not get to do all the things I wanted to do. Afterward we swung in at Spyhouse Coffee because we desperately needed caffeine and I knew she would love it there. I was right. Delicious coffee and she bought a mug.

Afterwards we went to visit my sister and niece so we could hang out with her for a bit. My niece was being hilarious. She was really wanting to be held unless you got in the way of her movie and then she wanted to watch that. It was so funny. That night we went out for  my birthday. I am going to talk more about this later so I will not give too much away. I was so grateful so many of my friends came out. It was freezing!!! It never fails that the day I celebrate my birthday is the coldest of the year. Happens every time. So the fact people came out anyway I appreciated it. Here is a few sneak peeks:

It was such a fun night. So fun in fact we stayed up waaaaay too late. #imtoooldforthisshit yikes. The next day we bought tickets for the Vikings vs. Seahawks playoff game. It was going to be the third coldest game in NFL history.  D desperately wanted to go and when suggested interest all bets were off. We bundled up as best we could in multiple layers and headed to the game. It was so cold. I was pretty miserable but they had a good time. I spent some time in the bathroom warming up during halftime. The bathroom was full of other women doing the same. We took off our boots to warm up our toes. It was totally crazy I cannot believe I did it. We also lost so I braved the cold for nothing. Thus is the life of a Minnesota sports fan.

Needless to say proper attire was necessary. Thankfully for my birthday D bought me these boots I have been desperately wanting for a long time. I always struggle with weather apparel because I want it to be fashionable and functional. I have heard for a long time that Sorel boots were top quality. To boot, pun intended, they are super cute. They rubber soled and a slight heel. Also some suede action on the heel and top of my foot. I loved this green color because it makes it more versatile with different outfits. These are the kind of boots that I could wear to work and leave on all day and it would not look strange. I love that about them so I do not have to carry more than I want to anyway. I was grateful to have them on Sunday. Is it wrong that I want it to snow again so I justify wearing them? Anyone? Who am I kidding, I will wear them no matter what. 

Boots| Sorel

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