Happy New Year!!! It is officially 2016 and cannot wait to share my New  Year's night with you all on the blog next week. In the meantime I thought it would be fun to share the winter box from Rachel Zoe's box of style. What better way than to start the new year decked out with Rachel Zoe? 

I have to say this box was chock full of goodies! Watch here to see Rachel Zoe describe the box. The Fall box was good but this was better. I will preface with saying that I cancelled my subscription only due to the expense of each box but I love getting it! I have tried most of these things. Honestly there was so much it was hard to try everything as some things are not relevant to my day to day, but I will note that. Also, linking up with lovely ladies again today so be sure to leave a comment!

Read Rachel Zoe's take here.

I am obsessed with this. As soon as I saw it I knew I would be wearing it all the time. It truly is the hero item of this box. All my friends complimented me when they saw it as well. I wear it probably every other day. What I love most about it is that the back side is open so it is somewhat adjustable. I have giant knuckles, attractive right?, so finding a ring that works is always difficult. This way I can easily wear it on multiple fingers. My dream of a ring on every finger is soon to be realized!

I love me a nail polish. D gets so frustrated that I am always coming home with new colors. I am not familiar with this brand but willing to try. In the RZ video she shows a silver sparkly color, which I would have preferred. The color I got is more peachy, which is pretty but not a color I want for winter time. I do think the little bow is pretty good and a nice touch. Come Spring I am sure this will regularly be in my rotation. 
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Ok so honestly I did not use this. It's pretty for sure but not entirely sure how I would use it. You can see on the link provided that they have it styled with an updo. Clearly in my day to day life I do not have an updo. It is not a glamorous life I lead. This will most likely be saved for the next wedding I attend or something like that. This is pretty, but not practical.

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I legitimately tried both of these just this week. Downside? There were no clear instructions so I put on waaaay too much of the hair masque. My hair was certainly soft I will tell you that, but I clearly used too much. This would definitely be a good treatment if I used less. Especially in the winter I need more moisturizing in my hair. The oil treatment did not make sense to me or I did not use it right. It made my hair too full and not workable. I would definitely recommend the masque.

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This, this is beautiful. I loved this color and it went on so beautiful and smooth. I am really obsessed with these wine and berry lip colors this season. This is just another to add to my long list of loves. It goes on so smooth and bright. I am obsessed with this. It is aptly named "kissable" except D hates it when I get lipstick on him, but too bad! This is too beautiful!
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My beauty-forward friends are always on my case about getting make up wipes. I am a soap and water gal and typically do not see the point. Years ago I got a sample of an oil based make up wipe and it worked great, except it was too  expensive. I was excited to see these and was hopeful. Especially after the success of the lipstick. I will say these worked all right. I really had to scrub to get my eyeliner and mascara off. Not sure it worked that much better than your drugstore brands.

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These are so cute. I love the little cheetah print on the notecards. Unfortunately these are kind of like the notebooks from last time. I do not know when I will use them. Maybe one day when I get a fancy desk I can leave them on there to show how dignified I am that I need notecards. But cute, right?!

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I really wanted to use these before reviewing but I do not wear heels as much as I used to so I do not have the option. In the past I have tried similar things with little luck. Adding the extra cushion sometimes gives less room for my toes and is uncomfortable. Maybe I will wear them when I go out for my birthday next week and report back. These might work a bit better because they look like they sit only under the balls of your feet, which will be good for the ultra high heel that puts extra stress on that area.
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Whew! That's it. I told you it was a lot of stuff. Overall I am pretty happy with this box and sad it has to be my last, but I do not have the fortune Rachel Zoe has so I had to call it quits eventually. What did you think? What items would you try? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear your thoughts.

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