TGIF party people. It is the end of another long week for me and am looking forward to enjoying my weekend. In other of my link ups (check out below) a few things from my week:

1) I dropped my phone in the toilet this week. Oy! I'm a mess. Thankfully it seems to be working fine as I got to it quickly and stuck it in rice. Bless my husband, but he put the phone in the rice bag with the plugins side down and some rice got stuck. After some shaking and digging it got loose. It works! whew!

2) I babysat my little niece on Tuesday and she is cute as ever. I sang to her, which should not make anyone smile, but she smiled and laughed a bunch. I tried to record it one time but she acted like the Warner Bros Frog and was lifeless. This was not going to be a good week.

3) This week my peonies bloomed! And by mine, I mean the ones my husband maintains so I can enjoy. These are my ultimate favorite flowers. They are so big, lush and perfectly pink. Everyday when I come home it makes me happy.

4) Coffee: I know I say this each time, but I cannot impress upon  you how critical this is in my life.

5) Jumpsuits. I want this jumpsuit so much and I hate myself so  much that this is Kendall and Kylie Jenner's design. I am not a Kardashian fan, but this jumpsuit is killer.


This Friday I am doing another collage of denim. I thought Flares would be appropriate this week as I showcased them on Wednesday with my 70s peasant top. I remember wearing flares when I was in middle school. The bigger the bellbottom the better is was for us. That was until bootcut was in style, but I digress. Recently I noticed flares working their way back into the stores. I do not know how this got back into style (if you want to follow trends that way, this is not the blog for you, but please follow  me anyway :) ) but I could not be happier. I forgot in the sea of skinnys how much I loved flares. They really are the most flattering cut for any shape. they help balance out the curves of any woman's figure. So let's hear it for the flares! 

I bought a pair at Express a few months ago and they are the most comfortable pair of jeans I own. I love them and cannot say enough good things about them. For this post I looked around find my favorite shapes and cuts. I love a high waist, they do not look great on me but I cannot help myself. I also prefer the slim cut through the thigh and flare out after the knee. A few shapes are wider through the thigh and and unless Cara Delevingne it's not flattering. 


Flares by mcainmoss featuring mid-rise jeans

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