Good Monday everyone! I hope you all had as great of a weekend as I did. It was another pretty busy one but all fun stuff.  Spoiler alert lots of pictures this week but stick with it, because it's pretty cool and there is fashion at the end :)

Friday night was the quietest. Friday afternoon I met up with a friend to go on a walk, which was great because it was a beautiful day. That night I was supposed to be alone because D had to go to his cabin. My mom ended up coming over and spending the night with Reese and I. It was a nice quiet night with my mama.

Saturday was the busiest day. Reese was pretty fussy in the morning and I was a little worried I was not going to be able to get anything done. I did manage to give her a bath and for the first time she didn't freak out. It was great.

That evening my mother-in-law watched Reese while I attended an event at HAUS Salon in Minneapolis. HAUS is a very trendy, fashion forward salon in Minneapolis keeping the local tresses on point. Several weeks ago I was reached out to by Katie to attend an event at HAUS.  

I have been very curious about this salon for a while as I follow some locals on instagram who get their locks taken care of here. The event was to discuss Spring/ Summer trends in hair and make up. One of the owners, Charlie, and a couple of stylists demonstrate trends in cuts, color and products. I l learned a few things although I am not sure I am able to recreate any of them on the my own. They also had some people discussing trends in make up. I did learn a few tricks I can try to keep  myself on the forefront of make up. In talking with Katie afterwards it sounds like something they intend to do for Fall/Winter and then maybe eventually each season. Making it bigger and including more local fashion people each time.  

After demonstrating the trends on the models they styled them in clothes from local boutique Mille and took some photos from Emily Utne the art director from Citypages. Is this real life? How did I get invited to this? All these people were cooler than me let's be clear.  If I am one iota as cool as these people I will be very proud of myself. It was so great to meet Katie in person, we have been following each on instagram for a while, AND I met one of the owners of HAUS who was very kind and funny.

Afterwards my friend and I went to Borough for a couple of cocktails. My friend had her baby four days after me and it was basically our first night out together. Mama's night out! Such a great night!

Sunday was equally as busy. The day started with Day 9 of doing the 21 Day Fix. If you follow me on my instastory you know I have been doing this. I really wanted to get back into exercise as soon as I could. Technically....I am not supposed to be working on this hard right now but my body feels good and although it's a hard workout it feels good. 

Oh and Reese was laying on the bed and licking the blanket around my leg....I don't get her some days. What an adorable little wierdo.

That afternoon we had my sister's second bridal shower that I helped throw. We did it at my Aunt's party room in her apartment, which was really a perfect setting. Just big enough for all of us be there and a kitchen set up, which made the whole thing so easy. 

I was really excited to see her open my gift. I bought her one of her china settings and I knew she'd be excited. I got the response I was hoping for.

My grandma got to hold Reese for a bit. Reese was mildly cooperative, but I am just happy at any opportunity for them to spend time together.

There you have it! My full weekend!

On Saturday I knew I was heading into a real trendy environment and I had to show up correct. I bought this top from Zara before I delivered Reese and was waiting for the right opportunity to show it off. I am so excited the put Zara in Mall of America. I really love that store and it's great to be able to try things on first. Especially since most things at Zara are sized pretty small. For example I am typically a small or medium depending on the shirt. I had to buy this in a large, the medium was tight in the shoulders. I love this embroidered denim trend, which I talked about here. I love the dark denim contrasted with bright red flowers. So pretty. I paired it with my favorite distressed jeans and these fun ankle boots I picked up a while ago from Proper & Prim. I topped it off with my red Kate Spade to match the red on the shirt. Kept the jewelry a little simple with some bracelet layering and my new earrings from my Box of Style. I think I accomplished my goal, what do you think?

Top| Zara
Jeans| Express (similar / similar)
Boots| Qupid (similar / similar)
Bag| Kate Spade (similar / similar)
Sunnies| Gap
Earrings| Adornme

How was your weekend? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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