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So I have promised for a long time that I would do a living room reveal. Starting last February we began the long process of renovating our house. The nursery inevitably became a part of that when we found out I was pregnant (check out that post here).  This last week we finally put the finishing touches on the room that started it all and am ready to share it with you. I won't be linking everything because there is so much it would be overwhelming, but if you have a question leave it in a comment.

The first step here was getting a new couch. The couch we had we bought before we were married (almost 8 years ago) and it was time for an adult couch. We shopped last February to take advantage of the President's Day sales. We originally wanted a tight leather couch. However, after looking around we decided on this fabric one instead with the similar design we wanted. I really wanted the upstairs living space to be more proper to contrast with the downstairs space of comfort and coziness. 

Once we had the couch we had to fix the floors. Ever since we moved in we knew we wanted to switch the floors. Cheaper carpet and a cheap wood laminate was in the living room and kitchen, respectively. I cannot tell you how many floor samples we grabbed before settling on this grey, distressed pattern. Besides look what I really liked is that the paneling pieces were the thickest kind. They looked higher quality and appear the most like real wood. They also are scratch proof, which is excellent for two dogs and one who continuously drops his bones whenever he feels like it. The downside? It took about 10 days to install ourselves which meant we were without a stove that whole time. It was a pain but totally worth it. 

After that it was on to the decorating. This is what truly took the longest. I needed accent pillows, new end tables, lamps, entertainment center and decorative accents. I had a vision for what I wanted it just took forever to achieve it. All the furniture we had was before we got married and it just needed to be replaced. I knew I wanted to stick within the navy family as teal, grey and white are the colors in the kitchen and porch room. I wanted the living room to be a bit darker but not be in stark opposition to clash with the flow of the other rooms. I frequented stores like Target, Home Goods and At Home to get the end tables and accent pieces. Macy's is responsible for our coffee table. It was not cheap but literally the only one I saw I liked. The entertainment center was a Wayfair purchase. Another item that came in a hundred pieces and took forever to put together. I liked that it is low and wide though so it can fit a big TV without losing all of or wall space.

This shelf was a craft show purchase. I was coveting this for a couple of years at this craft show I go to every year. They always sell out so quick and I struggle to find out how to get it home. It is made from an old door and I love it so much. It is decorated with both gifts I have received, a tea set from my grandmother and items we bought from our trip to Fiji about 1 1/2 years ago. 

The final touch was this gallery wall. We have this huge wall and I really wanted to take advantage of the space. Initially I thought we would put op some wedding photos intermixed with these pieces I bought from Target. When I found out I was pregnant we thought it would be more of a family wall. We had to wait for our newborn pictures to totally put it together. We arranged on the floor how we wanted it and then put it up. It is the pièce de résistance and I am pretty proud of it.

There you have it! Our completed living room. It took well over a year to complete fully but I am in love with the final result.

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