This Monday I am focused on everything but where I am. I had a fun and busy weekend out of town again so no major fashion moments of  mine to share, BUT rest assured I have some fashion for you today. As much as I would love to be at the Alexander Wang, Victoria Beckham or Betsy Johnson fashion shows this week, alas I am home in Minnesota. But I am living vicariously through some of my fav local bloggers and drooling over their snapchat and instagram accounts. Maybe one day I will be there myself, a girl can dream.

As much fun as it might be to attend those shoes, I never in a million years will be able to afford their clothes. In that case I generally turn to who is the most stylish and most realistic for my budget. That person today is Lauren Conrad. Last week she unveiled her LC Runway line for Kohl's and debuted it at New York Fashion Week. I have been a fan of her line since it debuted and is the shining star, for me anyway, of the women's fashions that Kohl's supplies. Sorry Vera Wang, but her consistent collection of shapeless polyblends just doesn't do it for me. 

When I heard about this limited edition line I got really excited. LC has a high fashion line by the name of Paper Crown that I have always drooled over. Yet again though, outside my budget so continuing to dream is where I was. "But", I thought, "maybe this is my chance to find a happy medium." On the LC Runway site they feature the entire runway show so you get to imagine you were there. The line includes everything she has been known for and improved upon for years. Dusty pastels, ladylike lace and ethereal overtones it was beautiful from beginning to end. As expected.

So while others can share with you impossible expensive, yet beautiful new Fall lines I thought it would be fun to showcase some NYFW that you can afford :) Ready? Go.

Lauren (I say like we are BFFs) showed 37 looks at Fashion Week including dresses, jumpsuits and a host of separates. If you want to see them all click on over here (also where I got all the pictures from) but I will share with you my favorite looks and try to get at least one of each type of look she showed.

The first thing I love about this look is the color. It's such a rich and vibrant for Fall. As you all know black  and white are my favorite colors all year round but I'll dabble in a jewel tone or bright red now and again. The second thing that stuck out to me was the leather jacket. I have been noticing a lot more colored leather this season and I'm loving it. A leather jacket with a flouncy skirt it's a great way to edge out a lady like look.

I love the 70s type vibe that is all over this collection. I never used to like the 70s style but the way she is using it throughout this line, I can get on board. I don't think this dress would work on my body type but I love the silhouette and dainty bow. 

I am a huge fan/supporter of a jumpsuit. I also love when they can get reinvented or used in new ways. Most jumpsuits I have seen favor a wide leg, blousey or hammer-pant style leg. But there is something to be said for clean lines  that will win me over every time. She showed another cut like this with a different pattern, bu this periwinkle lace is my favorite.

This is the first look that hints at her finale piece, which I did not show here. This big, tulle skirt is beautiful. I have literally no idea where the average woman would wear it but I don't even care. You see again how she paired it with a leather jacket to edge out what would otherwise be an ultra girly look. I also love the crop top to break up it up so it does not become too washed out.

This is another heavily influenced 70s look. The cut of the sleeve and fur vest are straight up Kate Hudson in Almost Famous to me. I thought about just showing the romper but I really think the vest just adds interesting texture and depth to this look. This is one of the few pieces that showcases a more traditional Fall palette, but if you watch the overall show she transitions well from the dusty pinks to this wine color. 

This is one of my favorite looks. Honestly, it was not at first but the more I look at it the more it grows on me. I love the high waist, velveteen fabric and fringe crop. Something about this reads Goldie Hawn in Laugh-In to me. If you don't know that reference, le sigh, but your childhood was not filled with quality cultural information. I could easily see wearing this out to dinner or dancing at a bar. Such a great overall silhouette with the balance of the fringe top and slim pants.

It took me a minute to understand these shorts. The embroidery on them threw me off at first but once I figured it out, I tend to be a bit slow, I loved it. I love the navy paired with the buttoned up blouse. This definitely falls in line for LC's tendency for dainty and ladylike details.  If I was a "lady who lunched" this is what I would wear.

This is also one of my absolute favorite looks. Love the separates here because you can wear it like this or pair it with different items. I do, however, love it paired together. I am huge fan of a high waist short, paired with this boxy top it would hide all my flawed areas. I also love the see-through lace on the sleeve. It may be a bit late for something like this but it's so great I would buy it and wait.

Hands down, this is one of my favorite looks. I love the wide pant and the color. I love the long sleeve and crop. It's ladylike without being too delicate. This chick is going places and she means business. If I could be any of the women in these pictures. This is the girl I would want to be.

Who do you want to be? What do you think of this new line? If you love it, head on over and grab it as it will probably go fast. 

P.S. it's my husband's birthday today. Leave him a birthday comment below!!