Happy Monday! Welcome to another addition of my Fiji trip. Are you sick of this yet? I hope not. We did so much I could not find  a way to condense it in 1-2 posts. If you remember on Friday through Monday of our trip we went hiking, had a house party, ate at a resort, visited downtown and practically drank with the Queen. Well, kind of. On Tuesday we finally caught a glimpse of some real sun and beach life. Our hostess thought if we drove a bit out of Suva we might be able to escape the clouds and suggested a somewhat nearby resort called The Uprising.  It took about 45 minutes to get there and as we got closer and closer the sun came out! Seriously. I was ecstatic to see the sun (it had been raining on an off since 2:00 PM on Friday) It was a quaint resort but open and beautiful with a reasonable sized beach. It did have a beautiful pool and beach chairs, but screw it we had the sun. Beach time! We laid out for a bit, enjoyed some island beverages and took our first dip in the ocean. At first I did not even notice the salt. When I was in Florida, the salt was so potent it stung in my eyes. It was a bit on the chilly side, but honestly I did not care. I was in the ocean in Fiji! We caught a few rays, enjoyed the view and had a bit of lunch before the sun retreated to the clouds again. But it was ok. Beggars can't be choosers and we got enough sun to satisfy us that day.

Loving Fiji!
Sunglasses| Target

I want this in my house

That night was our last night in Fiji. All week our hosts had talked about going to clubs and dancing. Particularly about their favorite spot, Onyx. Our hostess and myself to all gussied up to go dancing and the boys put some half way decent clothes on ;). We decided to go out to dinner at one of their favorite Indian places. I have not had Indian before but I can't wait to try again. It was a small, could maybe seat 20-30 people. We sat at a table that could seat 8 that was a huge circular table right by the door. It reminded me of the Pope table at Buca's. We also got to meet another of our hosts friends who stopped by near the end of our meal. Afterwards we head over to Onyx for a little dancing. Unfortunately, we were literally the only people in the place. When we went to the upstairs bar there was a few people up there but no one dancing. Our hosts told us that people don't even head out until 10:30 PM, but our host had to work in the morning and we could not stay that long. So we headed home, watched some TV and went to sleep.
Upstairs at Onyx

For dancing I wore my dress from Primrose Park I bought a few months back. I was worried it might be warm in there, turns out an irrelevant fear, and thought this would be the best option to stay cool. I really love this dress because it really hides some areas I don't love while making me look super slim. Gotta love that. I paired it with my favorite nude heels and a delicate necklace from Elisabeth Ashlie. Perfect for a night out!  

Dress| Primrose Park, old (similar /similar
Shoes| Vince Camuto (similar/similar)
Necklace| Elisabeth Ashlie