Plaid. Not exactly a new trend or pattern. But everything old is new again, right? What we usually hope for when this happens is a unique take on the trend. To offer a new perspective or innovative way to push the envelope ever forward. If you are living in this 2015, and have eyeballs, you will notice that this trend is plaid. It's everywhere and it's not just for Scottsman and Irishman anymore. Or hipsters, can't forget hipsters.

Have you been in a Target lately? When I make my daily stop, plaid has almost literally thrown up all over the store. They have plaid panels hanging from the ceiling and a sign that says "plaid" just in case you missed their subtle hint. Now don't get me wrong, I love plaid. It's just crazy how much play it's getting lately. Although, ever the faithful fashion gal it's time to rock this trend.

What I have noticed this time around is the use of plaid for a preppier purpose. The prepsters are taking it back. I mean, Target has it on cookie jars for goodness sake. I prefer a more subversive take with a preppy twist and I try to mix and match these strategies. So you ready for it? A few of my favorite ways to rock plaid this season AND my take at the end so read all the way through! Promise? Ok good, I'm glad we agree. :)

As I was scouring for items for this post I realized that 90% of the products are from Target. They are basically your one stop shop for plaid. If you want to check out their whole collection click over here.


Plaid 3
one / two / three / four / five

This easily one of my favorite ways to rock the trend. The are literally all from Target. If you have been at Target in the last month or two you likely have spotted these. It's hard to miss and their new home section set up highlights this trend beautiful. When it comes to plaid on home products, I prefer to use it in the "pop of color" school of thought. Plaid can easily be overwhelming as it can be a big, bold pattern and usually involves 2-3 colors. Target has some great pieces from kitchen place settings to throws. I did not include any throws in this collection because you can find those anywhere. I wanted to include some interesting ways to do this. I really favor the plaid dishware and there is something cozy and warm about a plaid mug. I picture sipping hot chocolate, or maybe an Irish coffee ;), by fire light. I also think the rug or a pillow is a good way to bring out  some color in your living room and add some dimension to the decor.

Plaid 2
one / two / three / four / five / six

This collection of accessories is just fun! I saw the Sonia Kashuk makeup brushes with plaid handles and it's about the cutest thing I have ever seen. If you are hesitant about the plaid trend or unsure if you are ready to rock it at home or in  your clothing this is a fun way to try it out. Personally, I love the little weekender bag. It's fairly neutral, has cozy and soft material, but has clean lines to balance it out. I may have to snag this for myself. Also , blue plaid makeup case is awesome. I have this style in a different pattern. It holds so much stuff! If you want a great travel case this is for you. 

Plaid 1

The last and most popular way obviously in clothes. What I think we are seeing this time around is taking plaid back from a country or hipster version of plaid is more of a funky prepster look. Take the first shirt for example. They are mixing plaid patterns but keeping colors the same. I really love this look and think it's an interesting and newer way to wear your plaid. You can see the plaid mixing again the scarf. If you prefer the cozy plaid look a great vest of pajama pants. Who doesn't look pajama pants? You look like you are out of a Ralph Lauren ad. 

 Shirt| Proper & Prim (similar/similar)
Jeans| Banana Republic
Necklace| Primp (similar/similar)
Shoes| Proper & Prim (similar/similar)
Sunglasses| Target
Bracelet| Stitch Fix (similar/similar)
Watch| Cluse

I'll be honest. I found this shirt at Proper & Prim through my friend. She bought it in a red/black pattern, which is kick butt. I prefer to find a way to wear plaid but make it funky. I paired it with one of  my favorite statement necklaces and these equally funky shoes from Proper & Prim. I love that it looks sleek and cool, but not too proper like a school girl plaid. This shirt is crazy comfortable and I could easily see pair it with cropped pair of pants or a skirt.

What do you think of the trend and the way I showed it? How do you use plaid? Leave a comment below and show your plaid!