Welcome to another Monday. This weekend was pretty rad so let's get to it. This weekend was my 6th wedding anniversary. Last year was the big 5 year anniversary so we went on a trip to celebrate. That meant this year was a more simple dinner. The other piece to this puzzle was that our actual anniversary was on Saturday, but so was one of our favorite annual events the Zombie Pub Crawl (going forth will be known as ZPC). Derek pretty loves everything zombies and I always down for dressing up in costume and having a few adult beverages. We started going a few years ago and was not going to let our anniversary get in the way. We decided to go to dinner on Friday night instead. Now typically Friday nights for me involve movies, in my sweats and early to bed. So going out for dinner is a bit difficult, but the things you do for love ;). We settled on dinner at La Grolla, which is an Italian restaurant in my hometown of St. Paul. I had never been there before but my family highly recommended it. Not to mention it is located near the Grand Ave area of St. Paul which is beautiful and romantic. Dinner was delicious. We split a carpaccio for an appetizer and I had the Pollo Champagne. We topped it off with an amazing creme brulee.

Afterwards we walked over to one of my favorite bars in the area, The Happy Gnome. They have a great and unique selection of beers. There is also a pretty fancy restaurant attached but I prefer the bar. We hung for a bit before hitting up for a final night cap near at some bars near home. Overall it was a great  night. Pretty regularly when Derek and I plan to go to a nice dinner something terrible happens like our reservation gets lost, we get stuck in traffic or the food is terrible. Anytime we go out and it's successful I'm pleased. It was a great anniversary evening and important to take the time for each other.


The Happy Gnome
On Saturday was our favorite ZPC. This year we got enough people to get the horde discount. A horde as defined by ZPC was 8 people. One of my favorite parts of this event is watching what people dress up as. Some people barely slap some blood on their clothes and other people go full on dressing up as disney princesses, clowns and various animals. Our first year we went as zombie hipsters, last  year I was a Where's Waldo zombie and this year we went as zombie boyscouts. We put some blood on our clothes and used some old halloween make up and we were off to the races. In the last two years it has been hosted in downtown Minneapolis and includes, food, drink and bands. This year it seemed that there were more bands than usual. We got to stick around for a bit to hear Sum 41 play, a little throwback to my youth, before it got too crowded and I needed to step out. The battle cry of the ZPC is "what do we want? BRAINS! When do we want 'em? BRAINS!" Basically the more you say brains the better off  you are. Each year we think maybe we won't do it again but we always have fun and can't wait to go back next year. It was a pretty amazing way to celebrate our anniversary.

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Sunday was a pretty relaxed day, which was necessary after a busy weekend. I caught up on some rest and a little TV. Overall an amazing weekend.

Now onto the fashions. On Friday I wanted to get all dressed up for our fancypants dinner. I saw basically this whole out on Proper & Prim's instagram and thought I had to have it. I will say I ended up buying a bigger skirt size as it runs small. It also had two layers of tule, one of which I cut out because it was too bulky and looked heavy. I was able to do it with the encouragement of my friend. Paired with this black crop top and blazer because Friday was pretty chilly. I decided the star of this look was the skirt so I tried to keep everything else dainty to balance out the impact of the green and size. I had these super comfy nude heels and the long chain necklace already in my closet and they went perfectly together. I really loved the overall look and silhouette, even though at times I was uncomfortable exposing my midriff I did it anyway and I am glad I did. (Again apologizing for photo quality as my camera is still not working)

Blazer| Topshop (similar/similar)
Top| Proper & Prim (similar/similar)
Skirt| Proper & Prim (similar/similar)
Shoes| Vince Camuto (similar/similar)
Necklace| Elisabeth Ashlie
Watch| Cluse
Earrings|Sheer Addiction

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