Happy Monday! I will warn you this is a short post as it was a pretty chill weekend. But don't worry there is always a bit of fashion so stay tuned! 

Friday night was completely lazy. I got off work, went to the gym, came home and vegged out. D and I watched TV and movies until we fell asleep on the couch and moseyed our way to bed. It does not feel super Christmas-like around here because we do not have any snow right now. Part of me is fine with that as it makes driving around a lot easier. The other part of me wants a white Christmas and is having trouble getting in the holiday spirit.  So we decided to watch a Christmas movie to evoke the holiday mood. We popped in one of my favorites, The Family Stone, and cuddled in with our pups for a family night. 

Saturday was our friend holiday party. We started doing this a few years ago and it has become a great tradition. Everyone brings some food and drink. We sit down to dinner together, play games and do a gift exchange. We typically do a white elephant gift and play a game to see who gets what gift. We started with goofy, gag style gifts and gradually have moved to age appropriate gifts. This year it was held at our friends home about an hour north of our house. They did a great job hosting, providing the main entree and decorating their house beautifully. 

After we ate we played the gift game. We started with a deck of cards and the lowest number got to pick first. When it was your turn you could pick a new gift or steal from someone else. Unfortunately one couple got stolen from twice! We all wound up with some pretty cool stuff. Mostly adult beverage related. Hey, we know our audience ;)  D was lucky enough to not only get to pick first but to win the consolation prize, several packs of therapeutic diabetic socks haha.  As you can see from the picture below he was pretty pumped.

Also our friends recently got a new puppy a Newfoundland/Pitbull mix who is adorable. I could not get over how cute his face is!!! We kind of wanted to steal him.

Look at that face!!!! Ah, so adorable.

Sunday was another kind of lazy day. We got home pretty late from the party the night before so we slept in a bit. It was glorious! I never get to do that anymore. After that we pretty much laid around all day. I managed to get up a run a few errands, but they were quick so I could get back to cuddling with puppies. 

I debated several times, well with myself, about what to wear to the party. The invite said "dress to impress" and I take that to heart. I am trying really hard not to buy new clothes this month because a) in the past I have bought things and then someone who bought me a gift had to return it and b) D is a little tired of how much I have bought lately. So I am trying to play around with different pieces from my wardrobe. I remembered this skirt I wore for my anniversary and thought "how many more times will I get to wear a greens skirt?" I paired that with this old top from Lauren Conrad's collection at Kohl's. Topped it off with this super statement necklace an pumps and we have ourselves a holiday look. I have to say it was a comfortable look all night and I loved how fancy I felt. #winning 

Top| Lauren Conrad for Kohl's, old (similar / similar)
Skirt| Proper & Prim (similar / similar)
Shoes| Just Fab
Bracelets| Primp

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