It's  no secret I love faux fur. I still have  yet to commit to a fur vest, but hoping to soon. I saw this lovely when perusing my instagram. I follow one of my favorite local boutiques Primp (@primpboutique) and they are always posting their great, new styles. I saw this sweater in one of their pictures of a store and really loved it. The price tag was a bit on the higher end for Primp so I figured I would go look at it to see if I liked it as much in person. When I got there, I had basically talked myself out of it. But I was there so what the heck, right? I tried it on fully expecting it not to be as  amazing as I originally thought. Have you ever tried something on and when looking in the mirror felt that it was made for you? Well, I have with this. It fit like a glove, the fur was gorgeous and it made me feel like I was the Queen from Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe when she met Edmund for the first time. #yaaaasss it was mine to be had. I already had a the other items in my closet and you basically don't have to do anything else. I am wearing men's tee shirt underneath and you can't even tell! This doesn't need much and takes anything you wear up a notch. If you are not from around here you can always call up a Primp store and see if they can ship it to you. They had a few left when I was there on Saturday so get your call in soon to see.

Sweater| Primp (similar/similar)
Shirt| Target
Jeans| Banana Republic
Shoes| Target
Necklace| Primp