1 down, 2 more Fridays to go until Christmas. Two more you guys, TWO! Can you believe it? When I was a kid December was the slowest month of the year. We used to have this teddy bear advent calendar where each day he looked for Christmas throughout the house and only on Christmas Eve did he finally check the living room, where the Christmas Tree was. He was a pretty dumb bear if I'm being honest, but we loved. My sisters and I took turns moving the bear each day and it was a big deal. If you did not move your bear on time you were in trouble. But I digress. I cannot believe we are so close to Christmas and I have done minimal shopping. I gotta get on that. Am I the only one who already feels behind?

I got my December Stitch Fix the other week and again I was really excited. What I have learned after a few fixes is that it is really hit or miss. Either I have a fix where I must have everything, or I don't love anything enough to keep it. This box is the latter. I sent some thoughts to my stylist and to be fair, she totally listened, it was more about fit for these items. So let's get started.

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When I first opened this one I was pretty excited. If you saw my Wednesday post and this post you know I love faux fur. I am also really digging this print. I debated heavily back and forth on this item, but the problem is the silhouette was way too boxy and I was drowning in it. I then saw the fur sweater I posted about on Wednesday and that fit more what I was looking for. But this is pretty cute and if you don't mind the silhouette then you would love this!


This was another one I was initially excited about. I have been pretty excited about this shearling trend. I have yet to commit, but I got my eye on a vest from Target.  This actually fit pretty well and the shearling was really soft. I have tested a few that were not very soft. I think I would have liked this one more if there was not shearling on the cuffs. It reminded me a bit of Kate Hudson in Almost Famous, so instead of a nod to the 70s it was a bit too out of the 70s for me. 


I was not crazy about this necklace at first. It was all tangled up and took some time to untangle. But it won me over. I am really liking the long necklaces these days to spice up some plain sweaters or winterize my tee shirts. Also, honestly, it was $28 and I did not want to be out $20 for nothing. So mine it shall be.


I actually love these leggings. They are suede and fit like a dream! These days I look at old photos of me and wish I was still as thin as I was two years ago, so I consistently dread trying on new pants as it is usually a disappointment. But not these babies! I loved these so much and they were so soft. They were high waisted so you do not have to worry about them slipping down when you sit. The downside? The color. I asked my husband, always a mistake, about what he thought. He told me that it matched my skin tone too much. This is A) not true, I am not that tan and B) now I will worry about and cannot keep. If these were black or burgundy I definitely would have kept them.


Is this not the most plain shirt you have ever seen? I love a gray, but this is the drabbest gray I have ever seen. Also, if I wanted a plain tee I would just go to Target and get one for $12. This goes back no question.

So there you have it. Not terrible, not great. A few things weren't bad but it was more about fit or color. I may legitimately look for those leggings in another color. What do you think? Do you agree with me? Would you have kept anything else? Leave  me a comment below I would love to hear from you.

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