In writing this post I was trying to think of funny titles. Some nixed ideas were:

  1. Oh faux you didn't!
  2. Faux Fur she wrote
  3. Fur Baby, Furrrr!!!

Glad I put the kibosh on those? Me too.... a little. I am partial to the first one, but whateveritsdonei'moverit. Anyway, last year I desperately wanted a faux fur vest. However I struggled significantly to find one I liked. I basically spent all winter trying to find jsut the right vest and then boom! Spring time. I don't want that to happen this year. Due to all my research last year I think I compiled great collection of potentials for this season. Last year I learned a few things about me. I prefer a longer cut. I have a long torso so you would think I could work a shorter cut, but no. I tried a slightly cropped at the waist last year and it was a no-go. It needs to be longer. I also do not like the vests with longer, or not soft hair. If I am going to be wearing fur I prefer cleaner lines. Some of the longer furs look a little disheveled. Also, who wants to have a fur that's not soft? I am not the only one who thinks this, right? Lastly, I prefer more of the grey to black colors. During last winters most of the vests were more in the brown variety, which honestly I am not a huge fan of. I preferably want a grey one. When I went to the fashion show at Macy's, Chelsea of was wearing a killer grey vest, but it was about $300 so...nope. The ones below are more affordable and some on on great sale! Enjoy!

Faux Fur Vests

Faux Fur Vests by mcainmoss featuring Bar III

Asos / Macy's / Nordstrom / Macy's
Macy's / Nordstrom / Macy's

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