Whether we are ready or not the holidays are in full swing. Target has had Christmas stuff since September, Christmas music is playing everywhere you go and Home Alone is on TV already. It's not even Thanksgiving yet! Holidays also means two things 1) Delicious food and 2) Weight gain. It is so hard to stay fit during the holidays so I hope as best as I can to just maintain. I figure if I can do that with the hat trick of Thanksigiving, Christmas and New Years Eve then I'm good.  How do I do that? Working out. Now to be clear, I'm hardly a fanatic or expert. I try to go to the gym and not hurt myself. These days it has been harder and harder to stay in shape. Gettin' older is not fun. So I have had to expand my workout routine to incorporate a few new things including yoga, extra cardio and some core routines.

What is crucial for this is workout gear! I really find that it's fun to have good workout clothes. Not only do they keep you cooler on tough days, but I definitely work harder when I think I look the part. My go to places are Gap and Target. The gear at Gap fits amazing and is super stylish. The pieces from Target are generally affordable but breathable. I tend to buy my tops and sports bras there and my pants at Gap. Recently I bought Gap's new gFast leggings and I love them! They come and look a bit small but fit like a dream. Stylish too. I basically want to live in them. Do yourself and favor and get on board. I wanted to share with you my favorite workout look of the moment. I prefer a little color but not too much. I try to find patterns that are flattering to my figure, meaning no horizontal stripes :) What do you think?

Top| Target
Leggings| Gap (similar/ similar
Jacket| Gap (similar/similar)
Sports Bra| Target (similar)
Shoes| Reebok (similar/similar)