These items have been sitting in my closet and as much as I love them, I have been waiting for the combination of pieces to make the whole thing work. I think I finally found it. This top was one of my finds when I saw a little fashion show at Macy's about a month or so ago. It's Rachel Roy, whose stuff is ridiculously gorgeous. I fell in love with this top immediately and wanted to wear it out of the store when I tried it on. This type of cropped, boxy silhouette top is so fun but also really delicate in terms of how to pair. I supposed if you are a little Victoria's Secret model you don't have to worry about that, but us regular folk do. The thing is, I love it anyway so I find a way to make it work. These distressed jeans are a bit high waisted so I think it helps create a shape because you see the jeans curve in (even if slightly) to match my waist. I think the line of that helps to balance out the boxy quality of the top. At least I think so haha. The top is dainty and feminine so it needs great shoes and accessories. Here enters these shoes. I saw these on JustFab and knew I had to have them. I just knew I would find a way to wear them and voila! A little winter pastels for you. What do you think? Leave me a comment!

Top| Rachel Roy
Jeans|  Gap
Necklace| Target
Shoes| JustFab
Purse| Michael Kors
Watch| Marc Jacobs

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