Sunset in Virgina, MN

Happy Monday folks! I hope you had a great weekend like we did. I am pretty tired from it so I am going to keep this short and sweet.

On Friday we headed up north to my in-laws cabin. This is the third weekend in a row we have been out of town but we finally got to bring the pups. This is only Eva's second time going up there but Riggs loves it there. He gets to run around and there are plenty of good smells I am sure. We took the truck up and opened the windows a bit so the pups could feel the wind in their faces. They always look funny. Riggs' ears flap, his jowls flip up and down and even his eyelids flip open. But he loves it. We opened the back window and the pair of them stared out the back, it was so cute.

We got up there kind of late, so we visited with D's parents a bit before bed.

On Saturday we headed up to the lake for fishing. Now I don't fish, so I brought my book. This particular chain of lakes is really cool because it it is right on the Canadian border. At times when you look south it's Minnesota and when you look north it's Canada. It's pretty cool. It was a truly gorgeous day, 70s and sunny. Unfortunately, fish were seriously not biting. They only caught maybe two fish, but too small and not the kind you keep. I just enjoyed a day in the sun.

One of my favorite things we do is take the boat up to Kettle Falls. It's this small resort you can only get to by boat and was built in 1910 to house fisherman and loggers. I love the old feel of it and the lopsided bar. At one time the ground became soft and the foundation was sinking. As a result the floor of the bar is at an angle. They have made it stable of course but kept the angle and accommodated all the furniture. I guess at one point they called it the "Tiltin' Hilton." Clever. We like to head out there for lunch and then work our way back.

On the way there was this butterfly that flew on to the boat. It kind of looked like a monarch but I don't think it was one. I really love butterflies so I thought it was cool. I quick snapped some pictures thinking it would fly away, but that was not the case. It hung around for a while and the my mother-in-law picked it up to try and encourage it to leave. Instead, it hung around while she grabbed things and sat on the boat. She tried to shoo it away but it just flew right back. Then it found all the orange and yellow items on the boat and hung there. I think it thought it might be flowers. It seriously hung around for about 20 minutes until we got closer to shore. It was the craziest thing.

On Sunday we left for home, but not before a big scare. We got up and ate breakfast. Then my mother-in-law went to the outhouse and asked if the dogs could go out too and we said ok. Not five minutes later she was asked where the dogs were. Turned out they ran off. Now this cabin is way up north and in the woods. They could have run anywhere and down the street they were excavating for the road. Imagine huge machines moving around tons of rock. The other side of the cabin has a lake about a mile down and a huge hill. D and his dad hopped on a four wheeler with our buzzer collar and called for them. They weren't responding and no trace of them. It was safe to say at this point I was in  a panic. I figured at some point Riggs could find his way home, but Eva is not familiar with the area and if she got lost forget it. Eventually my mother-in-law hopped in the car to drive down the road and as she was pulling out of the driveway I heard her say "Eva, come here. Is Riggs with you?" I ran down and there they both were. Soaking wet. They must have ran down the road to the lake. Thank goodness they were back, but I was pretty mad at them. D hosed them down and then we packed up and headed for home. 

Overall it was a really fun weekend. Sorry no outfit photos today, ran out of time but a lot happened that I wanted to share.

How was your weekend? Leave me a comment I would love to hear from you! 

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