Happy Friday! So glad this week is over. As you are reading this I am on my way to Chicago to spend the holiday with my family. We do this every year and it is always a blast. I look forward to sharing this all with you. I am also excited to have a few days off of work. I am exhausted and ready for a break. Not much happened this week so I will sum up the highlights.

On Monday we went out to dinner for  my friend is recently got engaged. I have seen her since she got engaged but this was a formal celebration at dinner. The restaurant was a nice place unfortunately it was mostly seafood and I don't eat that. "Nothing from the sea" is and has been my rule for years. Derek and I split a fried chicken which was good but nothing to write home about. Also I felt like a bad friend because some people brought gifts and I did not. I am just not considerate like that, so I felt like a bit of a jerk. Oh well. Either way it was nice to formally celebrate the occasion.    

2. MEH
This basically sums up my week. Nothing great, and nothing terrible happened. I haven't been feeling super well this week, which has been frustrating. I am just kind of over it.  So I have been trying to take it a bit easy, which may explain lack of outfit photos this week. Hoping next will be better.

At home this week we have been prepping to leave this weekend. Which means cleaning like crazy and packing. Both of which I hate but are a necessity. But I do love a clean house.


I  have a cute little look for the Fourth I will share next week but I thought I would provide a few outfit inspo for y'all. I broke it up into two categories: 1) Patriot's Patriot and 2) Demure American. The first look is the  "IT'S INDEPENDENCE DAY LET'S CELEBRATE" option. For those of you who like the make it clear you are from America this is the look for you. Stars and stripes are upon you and you are ready to rock n' roll. I really love this star romper. So cute and festive. I recognize this is not the most over the top you can go, but within reason. I have some family who go a little crazy so follow along on snapchat:mcainmoss for all that fun. The second look is for the more subdued American. A way to sport the red, white and blue without shoving it in your face. I have to say I am more partial to these looks. I love the top and shorts from Alice & Wonder. Give me a chambray top and red bottoms any day of the week. I love how that looks. All you need is some simple jewelry and festive shoes and you are good to go. I also like to add a hat because most of us will be outside all day so it is good to stay cool and covered up.

Patriots Patriot

Patriots Patriot by mcainmoss featuring a red top

       Top| Ily Couture                                                                                       Romper| Nordstromg
       Shorts| Gap                                                                                Hat| Charming Charlie
       Shoes| DSW                                                                                    Shoes| DSW
       Handkerchief| Target                                                                         Bracelet| Charming Charlie

Demure Patriot

       Top|Alice & Wonder                                                                      Dress|Nordstrom
       Shorts| Alice & Wonder                                                                 Hat| J. Crew Factory
       Shoes| DSW                                                                                  Shoes| DSW
       Necklace|Charming Charlie                                                           Bracelet| Charming Charlie
       Hat| J. Crew Factory                                 

 Which look is your favorite? Are you a Patriot's Patriot or Demure American? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you. Also, I will not put up a post on Monday as I will be traveling. Have a fun and safe holiday everyone!

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